More Important Things in Life

What is up? Time for another personal post. So.. where to start. Okay. Last Thursday (Friday in Philippines), my fiancé's sister (18) got denied for a Tourist Visa to US. I don't know what went wrong since I know she answered straight up with no hesitations. She was asked:
1. Where does your term starts.
2. You plan to attend your brother's wedding and leave school for a week.
3. What does your parents do for a living (they are in Qatar, dad's an Engineer & mom's a housewife).
4. What does your dad do specifically (she mentioned here that he will sponsor the trip)
Terri Peak in Lake Elsinore, CA
I believe after this she was given the denial paper. She wasn't even asked where she'll stay and about her brother and I which is the purpose of the visit. Just frustrating. They really judge Filipino with young age regarding B1 Visa. It's insulting. And of course after this day, my fiancé and I felt the same feeling we had with his previous denials. Sorry jazzy. Sorry tita & tito for your money. I don't know if I could've done something to help the chances because it is common for young Filipinos to be denied applying. As they're parents said to what happened - Charge it to experience.

On to the next! So, I've been kind of obsessed with my credit score and all that. Counting when I can apply for a credit limit increase and when will the previous inquiries and new accounts will be deleted. Last year, we moved into our house and my name is on it. As my fiancé is in the process of getting his visa to be with me, I am cleaning up whatever I can so that if time comes and we need an SUV, I'll have big chance to get it a great APR. Or an apartment for us, whatever comes next. Point is, I'm getting married soon and need to prepare as much as I can in the finance aspect.

I help my parents with our phone bill, car insurance, appliances payments and two HOA's (I aslo pay my own car since the very beginning). It's not like before where I got at least a couple of hundreds left to myself to do whatever extreme activity I put my mind into. Now, I need to do Overtime to fulfill all the happenings in our life and to help as much as I can. So, last Friday my mom found out about this government something about helping lowering your house payment monthly. I really didn't listen to all specifics but I keep asking again and again, as long as she researched and she doesn't see any cons, and MY credit will NOT be pulled, I approve. She finished the application same day. By Sunday, I received an email. You guessed right, my credit was pulled. And now there's no chance for it to be removed since I just know that's how it works. I was mad at my mom. Up to now every time I remember it I'm pissed. I told her to ask how it happened when clearly she was told MY credit will not be bothered. Just wanted to make here feel that I'm not okay with it and in reality, I've accepted it as is.

Don't want to be such a Debbie downer on a Monday afternoon but life happens. Not everything will be per your plan. Not everything will be in your favor. Just sucks that I'm trying my best to help my parents (practically most of my savings went to them) and I can't be too frank with my mom about her making all these 'shortcuts' (loans and such) instead of facing the hard truth of computing EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Sucks.

But then again, after all these frustrations of mine - There are More Important Things in Life. Appreciate them while you can.


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