Pauline & Neal Wedding + Where to get more Patience

Enjoy a picture of my mom having so much fun by posing and getting her picture taken before after the ceremony wedding and before the reception. Wedding was short, no personal vows was made and quick re route to the reception. No particular theme so mom and I just enjoyed dressing up and such.
Where to get more Patience. It seems like the more it's soon, it gets slower and pushed more. At least that's what my man and I are going through right now. We thought it's going to be done,  think again. Another hindrance for us to be together and now we can't do anything together except wait. It sucks to keep complaining but that is really the only thing I can do. Just trying to keep myself busy and not think about it too much but that's easier said than done. Thanks for reading. Just want to be with the man I love, is that so much to ask? Believe me, both of is have grown so much when it comes to patience. Thought we're going to be together by June. Did not happen. Wished for my birthday for my man to be here, did not happen. And now here we are, another 'wish' and it seems that it's not going to happen :(
I'm not losing hope, just don't want to lose patience since we are so close yet don't know when.

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