K1 Visa Questions APPROVED (Manila, Phillipines)

Good Morning!!! Yesterday, my man got approved for his K1 Visa in Manila Philippines. It's been such a long process, draining most of the time and it will make you have more patience at every single step. If you want more details just go through here and see how many times our case got delayed. He was out of the embassy in 2 hours. Appointment was 0840.
Time for the questions! C will be for Consular and N for Najee (my fiancé, for now lol).
C: Full name?
N: Answer.
C: Birthday?
N: Answer.
C: Were you ever denied a visa before?
N: Yes.
C: You declared this in your application?
N: Yes.
C: How many?
N: Twice, 2016 & 2017.
C: Have you been outside the Country?
N: Yes.
C: Where?
N: Qatar, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, & Thailand.
C: (saw his career as a seafarer) What position?
N: Deck Cadet.
C: Petitioner's name?
N: Answer.
C: First meeting?
N: 2007 sophomore year in high school.
C: That's sweet. Did you start your relationship then?
N: No, we were official 2009.
C: Oh so you know each other before, Cool. What's her job?
N: Answer.
C: That's cool. When was the last time you saw each other?
C: When did she immigrate?
N: Answer.
C: Who petitioned her?
N: Answer.
C: You have any wedding plans?
N: Answer.
C: (Gave the Imbra Pamphlet) Do you understand domestic violence?
N: Yes.
C: Can I see some pictures?
N: (happily gave her)
C: Oh my gosh, you guys are so cute.
N: Would you like to see more? (offering the scrapbook I made for our 1st year anniversary)
C: No need. I recommend it for Visa Approval. Call this number for update. You'll receive it in 2-4 weeks.
N: Sorry, 2-4 weeks?
C: If it's up to me I'd like to give you the visa right now.
N: Thank you :)
Najee only got nervous when it comes to the Filipino Consul as he asked if he has a Police Clearance for Indonesia since he stayed there more than 6 months. He explained that he didn't need to have one as they were on sea and did not stay on land. As per the consul, it looks like she knows how seafarer career works so all good.


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