Sucks - Nothing Happens According to Plan

That's just life I guess. Always full of surprises. Most of the time, not pleasant ones. This post will be about Ki1 Visa process that my fiancé and I are still going through. But side note, 2 Hard Inquiries on my credit report are both UNWILLINGLY. First was T-Mobile saying it will be a soft and it was not. I changed our phone line from ATT to  T-Mobile. Second, my mom's "not" refinance but putting our home loan to another lender which needs her paystubs and such and our SSN and signature here and there and all the basic requirements for a freaking loan. No matter how much I ask and keep repeating to the T-Mobile agent and my mom that 'this will NOT be an inquiry right?" Both of them said yes and both of them disappointed me.
On to the fun part: fiancé visa process I-129F to K1. TAKE NOTE from our personal experience:
  1. Approved Petition from USCIS to NVC - On paper from USCIS, Notice of Approved Petition dated July 23, 2018. Most people have their case number about 14 days. When did we got ours? after 25 days. Why you ask? Because USCIS sent it August 9th. Why? WHO KNOWS. So we dealt with it and got over it.
  2. NVC (2 weeks batching per experiences in Visa Journey) - Per reading almost everyday, NVC send out batches on the dot. Unknowingly, not all case that runs before the magic batch date will come through. up, that includes our case. We thought it's going to be sent by August 21st? Wrong. Their cut off date in my research was August 15th. So much luck, am I right?
  3. CEAC site 'Ready' - You know those stories in Visa Journey where they say don't wait for the P3 or Packet 3 and go book the interview once you have the case number? I believe that. But there's no concrete evidence on how soon you can do it. Exhibit A: Ours were Ready September 5 US time so that's September 6 in Philippines. We got our case number from NVC August 17 and originally scheduled August 30th. Obviously didn't happen. We rescheduled it to September 7th. Me, thinking all is good praying he'll call with the magic yes from the Consular office, was told he didn't go through the interview because our physical case haven't arrive in Manila yet. I felt so devastated as to how all of this is happening. Most importantly, I'm the one rushing him to put the interview right away since I was confident per others stories. And I made him feel (many times) that he doesn't want us to be together as soon as possible like me (I'm sorry my love, that was me being *****).
  4. DHL Tracking - With another weekend being wasted on waiting, I tracked the batch that was sent using the 'Track by Shipper's Reference" and found out the cases arrived in Manila Monday Afternoon. Use "EXP 04 SEP 2018A" then just change the date for your own and don't forget to put the dates and location it's going to. So now, we are confident that's in Manila. You think it's going to get better? Read it for yourself.
  5. Eligibility Letter - I think this is another term or the formal term for the P3 I was talking about earlier. Since September 7, we've been waiting for this letter (thru email). Everyday is dragging. Yesterday I concluded that I am being drained because of all this. My fiancé always says he's okay every time I ask him and yesterday I was surprised that he said he's not. Why? Because of all of this. September 11, I was looking on the website when is the next available appointment. It said September 17th. I was cool. I thought we'll just wait for the email to arrive and we'll book it. No biggie right? September 12, availability changed to a week later September 24. We both panicked. Not only that's 5 business day difference but we also need to reschedule our wedding date. Not only that but his parents are all booked and can't rebook meaning they will be here probably before him. And for about an hour, we were both reading (him with Visa Journey, me with a book) and I even told him: Love it's okay for us to be like this. Not all the time we have to be happy and full of hope. It's okay for us to be sad. Maybe not even 30 minutes later - he received the eligibility letter. How is life so playful huh.
  6. CENOMAR - I have never read this before but Certificate of no Marriage is required if the Petitioner (that's me) is born in the Philippines and lived at least one year prior reaching the age 18. Maybe, just maybe this is the reason why the availability got move. For me, us to prepare documents that might be ask at his interview. I paid today the fee and chose for it to be sent to US Embassy straight instead it being delivered to my man.

Well this is such a long post with full of feelings? Lessons:
  1. It is what it is. No matter how much we get angry, we can't do anything about it aside from waiting. Get over it, preferably that same day.
  2. It's okay to be mad and sad. Accept and swallow what you're feeling. We are human and we need to feel pain.
  3. Educate yourself. Have common sense. I'm a little guilty and contradicting on this part since I read Visa Journey yet didn't think it through that Manila Embassy needs out physical case and I just relied on CEAC saying it's Ready.
  4. Life is too funny that it hurts. When my man and I are moping about not getting the eligibility letter and the next availability was already moved a week ahead, I got a message rom a group chat I'm in with females in Philippines with the same condition as my man. One of them got her appointment pushed because of the typhoon. I just think to myself, we are still lucky to being safe at all times since you can't do anything when it comes to natural disasters.
  5. Time is always gold. Not all the time you are holding yours. I thought my man I will go back to US last June when I went home. Didn't happen. Maybe he will be with me in my birthday last July, Nope. I hope for him to be with me on his birthday next week, Nah.
I feel like I can still put a LOT if I keep writing right now but then I might just be repeating myself and this post is already long. So as you can see. It sucks our soul. But, we keep fighting. Everyday is a struggle of us not being together but we get over it and continue our day to be productive as much as we can. I'm sad I won't be there for his birthday but I know we'll be together soon. Please whatever you have faith in, can you please include us in your prayers? We'd appreciate and thank you for reading up to here.


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