Hair & Make Up - Wedding Day

I emailed her on my birthday about 2 months away from my original intended wedding date. At that point she said it was still open. Before we pushed with the dates, I asked for prices and all that. Her reviews are what made me chose her and rates as well since the others are more and the same.
Since my then husband had a few delays due to visa processing, we had to move our wedding date almost two weeks from the reserved one. Believe me when I tell you it's hard to schedule last minute changes with your HMUA and chapel that we chose. Good thing I found a middle ground where all is fixed. Prior to the reservation being 'reserved', Cristina asked for a deposit of $50.00 which I happily paid because you can never trust who will show up and waste your time. Wedding day here :)
This is me about 3-4 hours when the whole shebang is done around 1300 maybe before reception. From some angles as most brides are, I look oily but I never really care about that since I know I was in good hands plus people around me care for me that much that they won't care if my make up is not the best. I asked Cristina to have my hair up for the ceremony and half down for the reception where I can easily take off the bobby pins and put it down myself. Mission accomplished. Photo above shows the half down do.
As much as I love to tell you the rates, just email Cristina and she'll be happy to disclose that with you. If she does not reply back, email her again and she definitely will. There are times when she does not respond to me and the next day I'll just email her again with additional questions. Also, I did not do the trial. I didn't have the budget for it plus it all turned out amazing.
She also did my mom's hair (pink cardigan) and my mother in law's make up (white cardigan). They both loved it. We started 0600 and ended a little over 0900 which is partly my fault since I didn't dry my hair 100% before she arrived. Cristina is on time and extremely professional. Most of all, she's so welcoming that you won't get tired of her making you feel pretty. I'm so glad I chose her for my wedding day and no doubt recommend her to others for any special occasions.


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