EAD Expedite

Good Morning and happy hump day! Let's talk about my husband's work permit today... For all of you who can't relate, see you on the next one where you will :)
I sent our application for work permit and adjustment of status October 15, 2018. 3 months later we got his EAD because we expedited it.

Year 2018
October 2 - Arrived from Philippines to USA.
October 12 - Wedding.
October 15 - Sent App for I-485 & I-765.
November 13 - Biometrics.

Year 2019
January 7 - Called to request expedite.
January 8 - Received email with necessary info.
January 9 - Fax the Cover Letter, Job Letter, & copy of info they sent in the email
January 16 - Got a notification. Site says 'New Card is being produced'.
January 17 - Got a notification. Site says 'Case is approved'.
January 22 - Received the EAD in the mail.
It's pretty cool where they give you a tracking number and an ETA.
Good luck and happy working!!

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