Hangar 18 East Riverside - Not Coming Back

Compare to Rock fitness Gym in Wildomar, CA, Hangar 18 East Riverside is a just sad aside from its bouldering choices.

I also want to add, they only have 2 bathrooms and both are unisex. It's also placed where the main path is so every time you open the door, you might hit someone walking by. Rock fitness in Wildomar has separate for men and women, and has 2 or 3 cubicles each. For a gym, this is quite important.
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Here's how our conversation went:

Good Day, How can I see my full review? I also read that we can get a refund if we are not satisfied?
Girish U: Thank you for contacting Customer Support. My name is Girish U
Girish U: Hello Marecar
Marecar Anne Lim: Hi Girish
Girish U: Could you please elaborate the issue?
Marecar Anne Lim: I purchased a deal yesterday, and would like to add more to my review. Bottom line, it was not worth it.
Marecar Anne Lim: SO I would like others to see my review, and I thought of more things to write but when I view it, it only shows not even half
Girish U: Okay
Girish U: I am sorry for the inconvenience that has caused.
Girish U: Please allow me a minute or two to check into the details and get back to you.   Girish U: Meanwhile I check, I see you're eligible for our current reward challenge. It's an opportunity to earn site credit for future Groupon purchases. Can I send you an email with more details after we resolve your issue?
Marecar Anne Lim: Oh no not your fault, don't apologize :)
Marecar Anne Lim: Yeah sure
Girish U: Great! Please be on the lookout for that email later today.
Girish U: We appreciate hearing about customer experiences and encourage you to leave a review after you redeem your Groupon.
Girish U: Here’s how:
1. Navigate to [My Groupons](http://www.groupon.com/mygroupons). 2. Select the "Redeemed” view on web or “All” on mobile.
3. Find your order.
4. Select Write a Review.
5. Follow the prompts provided to share your experience.   Your anonymous feedback will be shared with the business, and select reviews may appear under customer reviews on Groupon.com.

Marecar Anne Lim: Yep that's what I did last night
Girish U: Are you using a mobile app?
Marecar Anne Lim: Right now, I'm on a desktop
Girish U: Okay Girish U: Please just allow me 2 minutes to check, what best I can do for you. Marecar Anne Lim: Of course take your time
Marecar Anne Lim: Hi Girish just making sure you're still there
Girish U: Yes, I am here Girish U: Thank you for your patience
Girish U: Did you write whole review in it?
Marecar Anne Lim: Yes I did.Girish U: Okay
Marecar Anne Lim: Maybe three four paragraphs
Girish U: The issue is you are unable to see the whole review. Is that correct?
Marecar Anne Lim: Yes.
Marecar Anne Lim: And if I can get a refund for not being satisfied
Girish U: Okay Girish U: Once you add a review, if you have written more number of lines, then there "View more" option will be visible. Upon clicking that option, the other customers can see the whole review Girish U: Could you please help me with the order details or the deal name for which you are referring to? So that, I can assist you better.
Marecar Anne Lim: 1000-105968-18094
Marecar Anne Lim: I did see it fully on Mobile.
Marecar Anne Lim: There is no View more. I'd send you a snapshot but I can
Girish U: I see that, the order has already been redeemed. So we do not have an option to issue a refund for the redeemed vouchers. But for this inconvenience which has caused you, I can issue you $5.00 to your Groupon bucks. You can use it for the future purchases. You can use it within 180 days

Marecar Anne Lim: We’re confident in the Groupon experience and back it with the Groupon Promise. We always want you to have a great experience with Groupon. That’s why we have the Groupon Promise. If you used a Local Groupon voucher before its promotional value expired, took a Getaways trip, or attended a GrouponLive event and were disappointed by your experience, contact us within fourteen days of your voucher use, trip or event and tell us about it. We’ll work with you to make it right.
Marecar Anne Lim: That's what said on your site. $5 is the most you can do to make it right?Girish U: Yes, I am sorry for this inconvenience. We can issue you $5.00 as Groupon bucks for this inconvenience.
Girish U: Were you able to see the fully on mobile
Girish U: ?
Girish U: The review ?
Marecar Anne Lim: Yes I can but can't edit it.
Marecar Anne Lim: Never mind, I'll just screenshot it and add more on yelp
Marecar Anne Lim: Thanks for the $5. I think that's all you can help me.
Girish U: Once the review is submitted, you will not be able to edit it. If you wish to enter the whole review, please reenter the review again 
Marecar Anne Lim: No thanks, I'll just do what I prefer.
Girish U: You are welcome. It was my pleasure assisting you to today. Thank you for choosing Groupon. Have a nice day!

I still don't think $25 was not worth it with our experience last night
Thank you for reading and Good luck!


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