Balance Transfer Succesful (1st Timer)

Back in December, I had a huge decision to purchase something we can invest in and enjoy for lifetime. I'm having doubts because of reviews of a lot of people but I will judge it for myself and see upfront. Because of that purchase, one of my credit cards reach about 68.7% of utilization. That's the highest on all of my cards but my over all is maybe less than 10%. Nothing drastic about it since as my research says, utilization doesn't have a memory when you pay it as soon as possible. So I'm thinking at first, maybe I should just leave it be and relax since my Discover IT is 0% anyway. That's the whole reason I made the purchase with trust on myself. I will never do such a thing where I have to pay for any interest :)
I have a the Capital One Quicksilver and with that you get a free Vantage Score every week. When my statement hits, the Vantage Score went down more than 20 points. I was crushed. I know I was expecting this but still it hurt. And from that moment I search for other options how to make it better the soonest. And so, I decided to apply for a new Credit Card the American Express Everyday with the 0% Balance Transfer Fees for 15 cycles. I applied last Saturday January 26 and called Monday January 28 to do the Balance Transfer. It posted today February 1 dated Thursday January 31. Since it's my first time dealing with this Balance Transfer, I'd say I'm pretty impressed.
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A lot has happened the past few months... My then fiancé arrived in US as well as his parents for our wedding. We got married. My mom refinance our house even though she didn't know so that took a hit again at my credit. I traded in my Gooby to an SUV. Credit wise it was all up and down but mostly down. So when that score of 20 points was lost, I feel like I should do something about it. And since Amex does not do Hard Pull for new credit cards for current customers (at least most as per FicoForum) I went ahead and did that. Next statement, my discover will be less than 30% which is the safe amount of utilization for maximizing your score.
Due to my lower score than usual, I was only approved for $2,300 on my Amex Everyday and that's okay since I have xx,xxx limit on my BCE. Hence the decision to transfer some of my limits from BCE to ED to have the ED big enough to cover for the Balance Transfer from Discover. Now both Discover and Amex ED are less than 30% utilization and hopefully I get to see it on next month's scores. Happy Healthy Credit!


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