I might be Bipolar?

This will be the second time I realized my mood have changed drastically in a day. Yesterday, I was laying in bed with my husband appreciating every minute of our Sunday before the work week comes in. I was telling him I hope I don't die anytime soon. Then he slapped me. LOL. I said that because we have plans in the near future and I love planning and doing those activities. From which time to wake up to what are we going to bring for that particular event. And so my next few months will hopefully be eventful. It makes me so excited. Happy. Hence when I was feeling ecstatic in our bed hugging him, I said that. That I, we have so much to do I hope nothing will stop it.
Me being stuck in the second to the last obstacle in Flagstaff Extreme, AZ
Yes, I have no upper strength since the moment of time.
After breakfast was beautiful, did my errands in the house. Chilled watching a movie before lunch, wonderful rest and all that. Then, I was checking my mom's phone because I had to remove myself for being part of her family sharing so I can be added to my husband's and enjoy the apple music he got as a subscription. I found out that my mom has been paying $5.99 each month since November and she doesn't even use that app - Iheart Radio. I was so furious telling her 'mom, you didn't know about this? You wasted this money.. again?" She said she didn't know, might have forgot and even tried to put the blame on me saying I was the on to tell her get the app since it's free. It is when you don't get the subscription which has no ads and all that. I had no idea she's going to press something that will activate it?
I don't care it it's less than $18.00. The part where you didn't know where your money goes annoys the hell out of me. If only she budgets their money cent by cent and checked all their cards regularly, it could have been prevented and even got refunded from that first month deducted. I don't know how to help them any further. Keep letting them use my credit card and pay whenever they want? Give them money when I have some to pay off their debts? I don't know the line where you're helping someone and letting them abuse you even in the slightest way. I hate writing this since they are my parents and I'd do anything for them. But when I know something like this, it just makes me want to move out the fastest way possible so I can get away from their stress and debt. If their debt doesn't bother them, it does to me. How can I give them grandchildren in the future for me to take care of if in the back of my mind I need to help my parents first financially.
Help me. I don't know if my mood swings this fast is understandable or I'm just a paranoid woman who overthinks every single thing. Good Luck to all of us.


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