Story of an Impulsive Decision

Thursday @ 1332 my husband texted me, they got no work the next day. I answered back, alright, what do you want to do then? 23 minutes later I texted him saying 'wanna go to Arizona?', he just said OK. I asked, are you sure you're okay with us driving 9 hours then sleep in the back of our vehicle in our sleeping bags? Then he asked 'Is it cold there? Where are we going there?'. I answered and he said let's go eat at Taco Bell first (since we have free taco each Thanks to T-Mobile Tuesdays). While eating our merienda, we kind of talked about it, he though of San Francisco, I said sure let's see about the traffic.. decided to stick to Arizona since he doesn't have anything planned where to go in SF except Golden Gate Bridge - while I had Horseshoe Bend in mind since my parents went already there. We drove home. I kept asking him, so are we really going to do this? And he said yeah?! I booked our Lower Antelope Canyon Tour and started packing. Texted my parents about our plans, looked at the weather on what to expect and wear. Never said anything about snow. Haha.

We left around 1700, Najee did the first shift of driving and we stopped by Vegas. Original Plan was to drive to Page AZ, straight and just stop for gas. But since we wake up @ 0345 everyday, we were both drained by 2300. From Riverside to Vegas, should've been less than 4 hours became 5 hours because of ice on the road. We were planning to rest around the strip but because of that slow traffic we decided to sleep in the Primm Center right after where the State Line is. Slept for about 3 hours, at first used our sleeping bags as mats but since it was snowing in Vegas we couldn't take the cold wind anymore and used it later on as its purpose. I woke up 0230, got us some coffee and started driving to Page, AZ. We made it without stopping and wow, the view all throughout the snow weather is just magnificent. I've driven many hours before, all times in the day but this view just makes you appreciate life. Talk about Winter Wonderland. Not only I'm amazed but I was also frightened. Started in Vegas continuing our trip through Arizona because of the fear of the tires slipping and loosing traction. Yes, we are not from the North. We grew up in Philippines were there's only sun and rain. I experienced it enough in Arkansas for 3 years and I'm not a fond of shoveling through ice and snow.
Where was I? Oh yes, we are in Page AZ and as we were 4 minutes away from Ken Tour's, we received a call saying the tour is cancelled because of the un-forecasted snow. Of course we completely understand because Safety First but the problem we had were about needing to use the toilet. LOL. We survived and found ourselves at the first Gas Station we can see and my oh my, such relief. After that suspense, we went out and took pictures of the ground full of snow. Happy to have this time with my husband as it's his first time being in this kind of weather. Had to fill air in our tires so always carry money. We went to Glen Canyon Dam to enjoy the view, then Horseshoe bend then to Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, Grand Canyon is closed due to again, the weather. 90% of our trip was filled with snow. 80% of it is snowing as we drive through it. Even though we only went to Glen Canyon Dam (for free) and Horseshoe bend, this trip felt so perfect. From the closing of Grand Canyon sign board, we decided to drive down to Flagstaff. Stayed at Holiday Inn Express and it felt like a vacation. When you look through our window, snow everywhere. After getting our stuff from the vehicle, I keep praying for the snow to stop so we won't have a hard time thawing in the morning plus less time to stress about slipping.
  1. Always carry money.
  2. Weather app can't be 100% accurate so much better to bring more clothes than not enough.
  3. Bring extra socks and three kind of jackets. Plus Gloves and Sunglasses.
  4. You can't be mad at traffic, Safety First for everyone.
  5. Text anyone where you're going. You don't want to be the next victim like in 127 hours.
  6. Pack snacks and lots of water.
  7. Buy a sleeping bag since sleeping in your vehicle is so efficient if you're only stopping for a couple of hours and want to save.
  8. Prepare to buy something unexpected - for us it was Tire Chains to drive in snow. We never use it but it's good to have it and use it when necessary than cry beside the road asking for help when something unfortunate happens. And, it was never opened so we'll return it.
  9. Use free time to do things. While my husband was busy driving to CA, I was in the back folding our sleeping bags to be put back to its bag and tidy up the rear seats. It saved us time when we got home cleaning and unpacking.
  10. Have tons of plastic for trash in the vehicle, dirty clothes, etc.
I feel like I've been mumbling a million thoughts. Just want to have a record of my husband and I's impulsive decision that turned out to be a terrific weekend full of snow, closing due to it and just us <3

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