800ft High & Our Free trip Costs $664

We went into those timeshare presentations and chose Catalina Getaway for our trip. Paid $50 for the 'taxes' and another $50 for the refundable validation. Stayed in Seacrest Inn (around 135 for our Dolphin Room) and rode the Catalina Flyer (70 each for roundtrip). I calculated it all and when we got our refund back, we saved about $225.00 for the 'free' trip :)

Catalina Flyer vs. Catalina Express. Can't say much about the boat because both feels okay. What I can compare is where you can hang while waiting. Catalina Flyer has no roof, they just have a window for themselves and you can sit around the area either outside or inside some restaurants. Catalina Express has a space for waiting and even have their own restaurants inside. I think Catalina Flyer is a little cheaper compare to Catalina Express and from where we leave, Newport Beach is closer. Also, we parked in the Edgewater parking and cost us $40.00. Make sure to validate the ticket on that same day when you arrived at the parking lot and NOT when you come back. If not, it will be $50.00 total.
On my previous trip here with my parents we ate at Avalon Grille, Steve's Steakhouse, M Restaurant, Antonio's Pizzeria, & Pancake Cottage. I wanted my husband to taste what I liked the most of those so we came back for Steve's Steakhouse and Pancake Cottage. Steve's Steakhouse's Alaskan Halibut was so delicious. I wanted originally to eat in Avalon Grille since I remember their angus skirt steak being the best I tasted but my husband wanted to try The Lobster Trap and oh boy I'm glad we did. He had his steak which was juicy and Local Lobster for myself. Amazing. We pretty much indulged in food on this trip.
Our Parasailing trip was freezing. He was wearing shorts and I was wearing a long dress. As you can see in my video, there was a lot of time where my hand was shaking and we keep saying it's cold. HAHA. Don't care, we finished and enjoyed it anyway. Nobody was swimming in the ocean, and we mean nobody on the two days we've been in the island. That's how cold it was. Nevertheless, I suggest try this at least once in your life. I know my husband was happy doing it. You're welcome, my love ;p
Let's calculate shall we:
Cards Only:
90 Steve's Steakhouse
57 Pancake Cottage
15 Scoops - Got to have desserts honey.
17 Llyod's - because more sweets.
145 The Lobster Trap
16 Wrigley's memorial (8 each) - Not worth it if you're tight. Relieved to experience it once though.
13 Souvenir
Cash Only
90 Golf cart 2 Hours
20 Tip for the boat on Parasailing
40 Parking in Newport Beach
3 Bottled water
Total of = $681.00. If you'd rather spend money on branded material things and think what I share here is a waste of money, feel free to look away and live your life freely <3

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