Free Trip is free aside from taxes. - Catalina Island, CA

We went into Orange County Winter Fest and got approached by someone who asked about our vacation plans and all that and can give us 'free trip'. Not knowing what it's about I gave my card account and money was credited to make sure we will be going. Since lots of people tend to forget this presentations, it's their way of 'make sure' they have people listening to their presentation and  those deposits are refundable. Ours was $40 and received it in cash once presentation is done. It's all about Timeshare and I won't bore you what's it about since I myself was just learning about it.
December 31st - I activated the certificate online and sent it same day. We originally chose 'Disneyland' VIP for two and 1 night accommodation but was told that waiting time is too long to a point that our date to get it will expire. So we decided to go to Catalina since my husband hasn't been there yet.
January 8th - $50 validation deposit (refundable) withdrawn by credit card & paid for the $49.99 for taxes and fees.
January 18th - I followed up with an email since it's been 10 days.
January 22nd - Talked with the travel agent assigned to us about the trip and was informed which days are available and which place we're staying at. Few minutes later I received the booking authorization.
February 4th - Got an email including our booking confirmation for the boat ride and hotel.
March 10th - Went to Catalina Island. Had no worries with tickets for the boat and checking in at the hotel.
March 12th - Called to have my $50 deposit back. Was told to wait 2 weeks to a month.
Received 1 week later and deposited to my account with no problem :)

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