Horseshoe Bend & Glen Canyon Dam + LA Food Trip

Here are some pictures of our extremely spontaneous trip :)
A must see before you die - Horseshoe Bend. Said by me and Najee. It supposed to be free but since they are trying to fix tha parking for future tourist, we were told to park somewhere where we have to pay $5.00 each for roundtip. It's for the shuttle. 15 minute hike won't hurt you. It's worth it. Once you're there, you can sit all day staring at this view and say Thank you Heaven for making this nature.

Last photo - struggle of having stranger taking your pictures. Thank you though, we really appreciate your effort and the fact that you saw us struggling LOL.
Glen Canyon Dam is beautiful as well. And it's free. Just park beside and walk a little to the bridge.
Snow is just an additional magic for these places.

Enjoy our vlogs!
Bonus is our LA Food trip. It's not much but we happily endulged. I know there will be more. Please please please try what we ate on this day:
Berlin Currywurst
Roast to Go (Tacos)
Laduree (Macarons)

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