Road to Green Card (Interview & Result)

I started reading a book I borrowed from a coworker around 0445. I have about until 0525 until I need to clock in for work and my husband always clocks in @ 0455. I received a text @ 0452 and I thought it's my husband but when I took a quick glanced it's numbers. I checked and first word I saw is USCIS. Didn't even bother to open the text itself since I know the drill and pretty much memorize the wordage - went straight to 'New' site of USCIS, logged in and as my heart was beating faster I saw the amazing line of 'Your Case was approved' :)
As I continue to read my book, I keep getting distracted and keep saying 'Thank you' to the God above. I try to calm myself but it keeps happening for the next 30 minutes. After I clocked in for work, I went straight to 'Old' site of USCIS just to check as well because why not and say the photo below:
Timeline from 2017:
December 22 - Sent Application for I-129F
July 2018 - NOA2
October 2 - His arrival to USA
October 15 - Sent Application for I-485
November 13 - Biometrics
February 2 - Green Card Interview Date Received in the mail
March 6 - Adjustment of Status Interview

Our appointment was @ 1020. Started waiting @ 0955. Called @ 1041. Done by 1105.
Interviewing Officer was so nice. Not a hint of doubt at all. Only problem is that they haven't received my husband's medical file. I have no idea where it should came from but it should've been with his papers from where he entered USA. She assured us there's nothing for us to do except to wait and she even mentioned I hope it won't take long and if I remember correctly even apologized for it. Our IO was the sweetest.
She took a copy of my naturalization that I prepared then made a copy of our Marriage Certificate. After that she said, that's it you're pretty much done. Followed by let me ask you a few questions - How did you meet? My husband shared a summary of our story and explained our struggles of long distance relationship at a young age. After a few sentences of her writing, that was it. Said our thanks and was out thinking we're grateful it was smooth but the waiting game begins for that paper. I sure hoped it wasn't lost because if it did, it's us who will pay for another medical and it isn't cheap.
I even remember when we were signing our marriage license 9 days before our wedding and the lady who was helping us said - Who will file for your adjustment? I said, Me. She replied - Brave girl. I got a little bit scared but nevertheless conquered that fear and carefully prepared everything. Fast forward to today - my story in the beginning of this post, hard work paid off <3

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