Smorgasburg Los Angeles

Amazing food trip @ Smorgasburg LA! Had Katsu Sando's sanwich - awesome appetizer (photo below). Yes, a sanwich as an appetizer while waiting for a long line for Moo's Craft BBQ. Brisket with Sausage & Sweet Corn. Yummy! Brisket was the best I had. Worth the wait. Then that's my husband sipping our delicious Pineapple Coconut from store at the right side of Katsu Sando.
There's street dancing, street art, & street music. Just make sure wear approriate clothing as today was hot!  I took a photo of the Flying noodle as my parents tried it before and told us it's a lot and we'll be full fast so we didn't try it.
Had a taste of the Spoon and Pork and it's so good! Seriously, I didn't taste anything in here that's disappointing. I don't have price for this as my parents bought it for them and we just took two bites.

Then for our dessert, two Mini's from Sweet N Hollow. The churros cake surrounding the ice cream made us buy it and like it. Bring some water to save money form buying drinks!
Finale is Big Mozz. Wasn't planning on it but mom bought some for our way home. Cheesy AF. I'm sure I'd enjoy it more of I didn't indulge too much prior eating this.
Katsu Sando $15.33
Moo's Craft BBQ $26.00
Macheen (pineapple coconut) $5.44
Sweet N Hollow $16.97 ($2.00 bottled water included)
Parking $2.50
Total = $66.24

Love the old buidings scenario at this whole place. They didn't bother to renovate, just clean the inside and sell whatever they want. Make sure you turn at Center Street to park. They said it's free for 2 hours.We paid $2.50 for parking even though we were there for less than 2 hours.
Definitely a must try on one of your Sundays :)

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