Standard Planning 3 Day Trip (Sample: Vegas)

Feel free to use this for your own, edit as you may and be ready for whatever will come and still enjoy the spontaneity of it.
  1. I listed 3 columns since it's a 3 day trip. Put weather on each to know what should we wear. Even though I put the budget as well, this is still in the planning stage and once we finished the trip, that's when (I'll try) to post the costs we did.
  2. This list does not include full toiletries which is extremely necessary if you're going to be gone for at least 3 days.
  3. Write down activities you plan to do and in order. On our Catalina trip, I even put estimated time but since it was extremely cold we didn't follow it through. Don't be scared to plan it out, if it doesn't get followed, you're still on vacation and enjoy it. But if you're going to have tantrums because your plan wasn't done, then don't put hourly schedule.
  4. Outfits wise, envision what your day is going to be like and once you have made a decision, stick to it. Of course you can always change it whenever but for me, that just throws of your planning and wasting time on the things you have already decided on. Don't tolerate micromanaging.
  5. Budget realistically, put a little extra and don't forget the tip (believe me, I hate this US customary).

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