Wedding Day in USA | Budget

Photographer (Janine Rose & my mom) - $0
Reception @ Daily Grill Burbank - (tips included) $1,150.00

Veil $45
Gown $85
Groom's Suit - $400
Wedding Rings (white gold from Qatar) - $500
1. Get a friend like me who's good at taking pictures!
2. Set up a budget - I know you will be over it anyway but still, really try to stick to it.
3. Set up a timeline of you wedding day. I love itineraries so it's no brainer to me and that day our wedding went smoothly. We only had to wait for the cakes because if the long line and a little traffic in LA and started eating around 1400 which made is all hungry for sure.
4. It's so true that when you're walking down the aisle it seems so fast so I'll give the advice that was given to me - walk slowly and absorb everyone, every minute, and everything.
5. Dance! Even though my husband is not a great dancer, I know he had fun at our reception. I know me and my parents did and so are the people watching us not giving any care about any steps.
6. Never say no to your mom's input. She helped me picked pretty much everything for this day.
7. Don't be afraid to use your old belongings for your special day.
8 It's okay to let your groom buy an expensive suit and it's okay for you not to be a bride-zilla. I know I was not.
Purchased by mom so I have no idea how much it costs:
1. Two Tarpaulins (Congratulations Horizontally & Best Wishes vertically)
2. Two Props (Bride & Groom, and 'I Do' on cakes)
3. My bouquet ordered by mom beside Same Day marriage
 Accessories that we already have and used:
3. My dad's gold bracelet from Saudi Arabia
4. My Ruby jewelry bought by mom from Saudi Arabia
5. Celine Teal Heels
6. Engagement Ring from Pandora
Total price (not including my mom's extras & our belongings) = $3080.00

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