Wedding Day in USA

Got married October 12, 2019. Yes, more than 5 months and I'm just posting about it today. Talk about being busy all around doing a full time job, fixing all his paperwork as well as mine since I'm married and of course going around places with him, finally!
Calm day, at least for me as a bride. Got my hair and make up done by Christina. Finished getting ready around 0930, left our house 0945. Arrived at the Same Day Marriage maybe a little after 1100. Put on my dress on and started waiting fir guests until it's walking down the aisle time scheduled @ 1200.
 My parents walking me down, no tears were wasted :)

Photo shoot time as all wedding should have. Our guests from some of my friends and his family and relatives. Check out my friend's work and our official photographer here, thanks again!
Thanks to my mama who helped me choosing my dress, and veil, and buying the knick knacks for our wedding like the tarp that says Congratulations, another tarp that shows our picture when you enter the reception area (Daily Grill in Burbank), props for our wedding cakes, and just helping us through out the whole process.
Thank you to my papa, who helped mama lead the dance floor which I so love. And for driving us from house to the wedding location. Thank you to mommy and daddy (in laws) on travelling from Qatar to USA to be with us our intimate wedding day and paying for our food at the reception. And of course to my husband who completely said goodbye to where he was loving to be with me <3

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