Snake Tequila @ Revolucion Ave | Spent $116 on 1 day Out of the Country

Last year, my parents and I went to Tijuana, Mexico because my mom wanted me to try the Caesar Salad made in front of you in Hotel Caesar. I loved it so much that I said I will have my then boyfriend come and taste as well. This post is about me taking my now husband across the border.
Friday morning, at the first break at work of my husband, he tells me they don't have work Saturday. I was so happy because we've been working 6 days a week, 9 hours from Monday to Friday and we've both been exhausted. Physically and for me, mentally. I'm thinking, oh no, this is where it starts. Where both of us non stop working, no more weekend trips, spontaneous adventures and exotic memories to have. So when he told me we'll have the Saturday for us, even though I started to get sick, that didn't stop me so after breakfast on Saturday morning, we head to the border.
It's my husband's first time using his fresh Green Card to get out of the country. Photos had to be taken as you can see. We were suppose to celebrate our ten year boyfriend-girlfriend status few days before this, but he got sick and we had to stay home. Another reason why I had to push this one day out of the country trip :)
We ate at the Hotel Caesar and his only concern is that the leafs on the Salad were not enough. We got the House size and split into two of us. Next time, we'll order each of our own. We also plan to go to Puerto Nuevo but my mom gave me incorrect info on the taxi fare hence I didn't have enough money for the roundtrip. Meaning, there will be a next time?
We spent $60 to exchange for Mexican Peso = 1050.
468 - Chess Board
126 - Souvenir
410 - Sombrero
45 - Ice Creams
Credit Cards used:
$16.86 - Hotel Caesars
$28.83 - Restaurante La Tradicion
My husband paid for the $10 for the two shots (tequila with a snake) and what we ate @ La Tradicion (Traditional Molcajete that both of us enjoyed).
Total = $116

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