Walker canyon in Lake Elsinore 2019

Not sure how long this lasted this year, but wow about how blooming it was. This time it was called 'Super bloom' and if you've been here before you know that it's 100% more flowers. Last time I was here was with mama 2 years ago and I don't remember if there were three colors of flowers like this one did (orange, yellow, & purple).

Be careful on going here, lots of cars for sure and the people all around. Exit from I-5 to Lake Street. You can park on the service road and get ready to walk especially if you come on the weekends. We came on a Friday afternoon and we didn't walk that long. Some didn't even bother to walk up the trail, just take pictures below and follow where there are lots of flowers.
Forgive my face, my husband and I came from work so both of us are quite exhausted. Hike wise, it's not hard at all. Just bring enough cover up since it gets chilly later in the afternoon. Sunglasses for sure since sun is not an easy thing to look at. Have fun taking pictures and enjoy this super bloom that they say only comes in once every 10 years!

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