7 Tricks to be healthier (ish)


October 2018 - My family enjoying cake testing @ Porto's for the wedding in USA.
As I grow older, I search and learn for the habits I can do for myself and that I can keep. For a healthier, better version of me. If you look back at my old posts, I shared my unfortunate experiences (still current by the way). Face and back acne, hidradenitis, pilonidal cysts, are some that is visible to the naked eye. I'm alright! Thanks for the concern :)
Once in a while when I get really moody, I feel so unlucky with all these conditions of mine. Why oh why, that after all I try to do for myself - workout, eat (a bit) better, get enough sleep, rest when necessary, all that jazz yet I still struggle with all of it. This post isn't about me feeling sorry for myself, it's about what I continue to do that hopefully might help anyone not only to not get what I have but just plain to be healthier and better.
  1. Work out at least 3 times a week. One hour each session. Before, I used to not care about strength training. As I am a sponge - I try to absorb what I can, I learned that it's actually more important that cardio. So I mix my workout routine with both. I completely believe the scientific 'rumor' that exercising makes you happier. I agree. If I don't work out at least twice in a week, I will be mad at myself and I will really make time to do it even if it's two consecutive days.
  2. Drink 3 sips of water (or more) before sleeping and as soon as you wake up. Why 3 sips? Because it's all I can take. Well, I can drink more but I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night just to pee and I'm not so hungry for water in the morning (I only want eggs in the morning). But, 3 sips of water is still water. I read somewhere that we are most dehydrated when we wake up. So, help your body out.
  3. Never sleep with make up on. Always and I mean always clean your face at night. Recently I added toner and moisturizer to my routine and I think it's helping. Also, before washing your face with a cleanser, get a make up remover to really remove all residue of whatever products you put on that day as well as the dirt. So when water comes in with the cleanser, it's really into your skin.
  4. Nourish your body by changing your snacks. Instead of small chips - bring fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, etc. I don't drink soda at all (since maybe 3 years old) so that might be helpful to your health as well. I stopped putting creamer on my coffee. I stay away from chips (unless pressured by my husband then I need to eat as well). Please bring fruits and/or healthier snacks to work instead of relying in vending machine with all those junk food. At my work they have this weight loss competition and I'm glad to see everybody on it is really on it, but once it's done they go back to their habits. Fast food at lunch, soda for a snack, and all that crap. Hey, I'm not judging. But don't tell me I'm lucky that I look this way.
  5. Drink more than 64 oz. of water if you can. At work, in a span of 8.5 hours I always drink this much if not more. Then when I go home I drink more when I remember. This really helps with your hunger, I think. And it's not expensive and just plain to be healthier. Be sure you're not lazy enough to go to bathroom often though.
  6. Speaking of going to bathroom, walk! Walk to the bathroom at work, as much as you can. What I mean by that is find a reason to stand up and walk. My lunch time almost everyday is a 30 minute walk more or less. A little more than a mile I think. When you have a dog like me, and didn't work out that day? Take him for 20 minute walk. Just move your body.
  7. Limit yourself looking into your phone. I can't say that for people who works in their phone of course but for social media, do it. I limit myself to 1900 everyday then no more phones. Either I watch anything with my family or read a book before sleeping. Every time I'm on social media, I try to get out on the next 5 minute time. Like I went @ 0942, I need to exit that app at 0945. It helps me sane that I still get to look when I need a little rest yet it has a boundary of not wasting time.
I don't like it when people tell me or at least they think to themselves that I'm so lucky when it comes to how I look. Yes I am not obese and some people might even call me active. But what I look like now, is hard work. I wasn't born with a flawless face so I have to put in the effort to not make it worse. I don't want to be a supermodel but I want to be strong enough to run or punch someone if necessary. I don't know how to punch someone by the way. But you get what I mean when I say I workout to be stronger not to look sexier. I would love to put more but this is the general idea of my everyday/weekly routine on how I stay (a bit) healthier.

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