Venice Beach + Canals

Had a lot of fun walking along the Boardwalk in Venice Beach, California. Lots of street art, people not caring about other people, entertainers as young as possible, good food on a small aisle you wouldn't think of, and of course peaceful beach.
Surfers are in on the day we went. Perfect to bring a jacket or sweater too as some winds come make you a little chilly even though the sun is completely out. That's what I learned in California beaches, always and I mean always bring a cover up. Even on the summer, if you won't use it for the cold, you can use it to sit on to.
Skate parks in close ups - they're good. I'm no skater myself, none in my family unfortunately. That's probably why I've been so bad at Snowboarding. Hey, I'm never embarrassed, if anything I'm always proud on the things I've tried even though the success is so little.
As we walk around more enjoying what people were selling, we saw these flags circling around. We saw our Philippine flag and originally it was hung the other way around where the red was on top. That's a No-No to Filipinos since that means our country is at war. So we took our time to fix it, and the people who were in charge of this whole flag thing didn't know so no harm done.
Lunch time at this small aisle we found Peruvian food on yelp. My dad was kind of hung over the night before so he wanted something with rice. Oh boy we liked the food here. I'm so sorry I forgot the name if the restaurant and completely didn't even vlog so I do regret it a lot. After eating we had afters ice cream which is so typical in our family so I didn't bother to take a picture of it and from all those good food we had to walk it off before heading home hence we got into the open canals.
My Tattoos - (two for now) please husband, let me get more haha!

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