1 Week Family Itinerary | Planning

Here's a sample and true to life document of what my family used during their vacation here in California. In a span of 9 days, even though my husband, parents and I have some work in several days, we still went to:
  1. Santa Monica Beach
  2. Grand Canyon South Rim
  3. Desert Hills Premium Outlets + Cabazon Outlets (without me)
There are some days that were switched because appointments were sold out and we weren't able to do because of too much fun prior the next activity. That's fine though since not everything will happen per plan and we know what our priorities are. I won't bore you of what those are. Also, if the time is completely restricted (driving far-far away in a short amount of time) really dig into time schedule and not only activities on that day. See what I did with waking up @ not even 0300 just to drive to Grand Canyon? It was necessary so that my parents and husband won't need to request that Friday as a day off. You also have to think about other people's work. Unless they are not interested to go then it's no worries. But we're Filipinos and almost all of us are a tight knit type of family.

I'd love to do a more in depth on some parts of this post - List necessary when travelling in vehicle for one day or long drive, how to compute gas money for certain places, preparing money for parking, and whatever at all but this post will be too long!

As you can see, I even budgeted the Gas & Parking as I am the one who paid for it. It's my share for the whole trip - while the rest of them paid for the hotel, own tickets, food, etc. I love being spontaneous but when times like this when time is limited, you really have to make the most out of it. And I hope this is not only me speaking, we really did make the most out of it. To a point that my husband called in sick on a work day due to exhaustion. Hey, life happens. Overall, we all enjoyed this :) I hope this helps! Feel free to message me if you need any help planning yours. I feel like organizing, planning, & budgeting is a few of the many purposes of my life - haha!

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