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I really felt that I've experienced the Sin City after watching this show. A must at least once in your life. I got our tickets in Vegas.com for $294.21 @ Row E Seats 3-4. From looking into it more, I'd say check the MGM site itself to see if you are saving on other sites. We decided on this show last minute and I thought it was sold out on MGM site so when I saw it on Vegas.com - I didn't hesitate to buy it.

It's about twins being separated, friends being there through the journey, love that wasn't planned, shadow puppetry, flying in the air, wheel of death, and so much more. All those with acting - we can't understand the dialogue word per word but with their actions it's pretty clear what's going on. Show is 1 1/2 hour. Strictly no phones are tolerated once you enter the theater. You can't even take pictures even after the show just to have a shot of the place (bummer).
Our seats were amazing. It's not too close that you'd get dizzy watching the acrobatics yet not too far to really appreciate the show. On some parts where transition is necessary, you'd look on your sides to see the drummers doing their thing. If you look too long, you'd hurt your neck.

We didn't order food and drink, we just ate and to be honest I wouldn't buy so I won't be distracted and just focus on the show. Also, when you have drinks you tend to need to go the bathroom and I prefer not to. Not only you will miss parts of the show but also for the people behind you and on the way you're going - full seconds of distraction.

We checked in on a Sunday - not a lot of people. Gave my driver's license and credit card. Signed a $50 refundable security deposit as well as the $25 + fees each night for resort fee (includes parking, pool, gym, and other amenities). No free breakfast. One sided shower curtain. No shower cap & lotion. No exhaust fan (bathroom has it but it doesn't work). We stayed in the North tower, free for us so we didn't expect much. Air-conditioning is loud. Vegas is hot on these days so it make sense but it does not help for relaxation.

Pool at the South tower is pretty cool though. Free towels so you don't have to bring your own. Deepest was 3'-6" and it's cold water. Perfect for a hot Vegas. They have beds that you can lay on - best part is they provide the shade too. So easy to take a nap here even though there's a loud music going on - IMO, music's cool too.
Service is okay, nothing magnificent. When we checked in, we weren't told what amenities were included. Only told what room number we're at and the Wi-Fi password is on the envelope given to us.

Checked out on a Tuesday, thru the express machine. Just had to swipe the credit card I used on check in and received my final receipt thru email (you can print it too if you can) - $56.50 for 2 days of resort fee. Decent stay. Awesome location since it's in the Freemont Street. Had to Uber to get to The Strip but way cheaper when it comes to rates.

The Big Apple Coaster in New York New York Casino
This ride is pretty awesome especially for two sleepy adults like us. It was around 2130 when we were waiting in line and it seems long at first but quite fast. Had to change a $20 into a smaller bills (thank you guy in the photo station) for the lockers which you had to pay 2 quarters. Unfortunately, their VR version was not being shown at this time? It was supposed to be $28 each for a two ride package one being normal, and one wearing the VR goggles. In the end we paid $34 ($17 each) for the normal ride. $18 for the photo with the usual frame with their names on it. You can also download this photo (once purchased) for a digital copy.
Make sure to open your eyes (if you can) and scream (again, if you can) to really enjoy the lights and night view while doing a 360 on this ride. Honestly, it's not even the view that got me. It's the adrenaline from the ups and downs which is predictable on roller coasters but somehow it feels more with this particular ride. Can't say a must try for drunks in Vegas as they might throw up afterwards but definitely do it when sober.

Tivoli Village
After eating our dinner on our second night in Vegas, we walked around Tivoli Village and I must say this is such a different world from the strip. I'm so glad my husband found the restaurant and it is located here on this peaceful (at night) and beautiful place. Full of lights even though the stores are already closed except for a few restaurants and cake shops. The park has chairs and I fully sat on it and enjoy the breeze, the view of my husband, and the serenity of the night.

Our photos here are shot from iPhone 6. The struggle of travelling as a couple - no one to take your photo together :)

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