Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona (Ken's Tours)

My family and I enjoyed our trip to Antelope Canyon last Sunday with our tour guide Kameron. Fee for the tour was $52.80 each including taxes & fees with Ken's Tours. I booked us the 0800 view and had to be there 0730. We arrived around 0740 and after checking in, went straight to our guide. No bags (if you want to bring your own it has to be clear), go pros, selfie sticks, umbrellas are allowed. You can buy a clear plastic bag with their name on it for $8.00 - we didn't. Our tour was done @ 0900.

My amazing parents <3
The Chief
Place was beautiful. This is one of my recommended must do before you die. It might be scary though if you are claustrophobic as most of the path are narrow.  If you have problems with your joints, take it slow and maybe take a pain reliever prior an hour your tour. Bring a camera but don't forget to let the scenery sink in more than you taking pictures with your device.
(Left: Us prior going down the stairs. Right: one of the shots you can't get unless you have a guide)
It was pretty awesome how our tour guide prioritize quality shots instead of quantity shots. I saw first hand that he really takes his time fixing up the color and adjustment with the light to take a good shot for each group. He also warned us to take time to appreciate this beauty instead of getting the 'canyon shock' where all you do is take pictures and look through your screen.
(Left: my husband and I are missing in this shot. Right: 'Lady in the wind')
The settings necessary for an iPhone is the filter 'Vivid' or 'Vivid Warm'. You can use both and see which one looks better depending on the natural light. Make sure to tap where you want to brighten and scroll thru the range and see how it change before capturing the shot. Time is gold on this tour because it's hard to take good shots while enjoying each and every turn of this place. Recording the tour is prohibited due to privacy reasons.
(Left: I'm almost always in the front hence I can take photos of them. Right: 'Twin Peaks')
Make sure you wear closed shoes as sand can go straight to your feet. One of the things our tour guide said was Lower Antelope Canyon is better than the upper one because it doesn't rely on 'prime time' which are the sun beams. Also, upper canyon tour is more expensive (what he means is not worth it) & more crowded meaning less time enjoying the tour and more pressure to go faster. Maybe we'll do that next time just to see if it's really true.
(Left: my husband and I. Right: Seahorse)
I love the story our guide told us about the Kardashians. It started where my husband ask if it's a lot of money to see the canyon privately and he added how rich you should be 'like Kardashian rich?' to which our guide replied, they tried to do that but they say no. The company said no and they had to do a normal tour like the rest of the world. If this is a true story, I surprised to how the people responsible for these decisions decided to do the right thing (which is share it to the world in all fairness) and not blinded by money. 
(Left: My mama going out of the canyon - yes that narrow. Right: 8 of us that conquered this tour.)
If you are one of those people who will look at these pictures and say 'those are just rocks, what's the big deal?'... Please turn away and never look back at this blog. If you can't appreciate nature, we probably won't have something in common. But if you do love these things, I'm telling you - plan a trip to Page, Arizona and have your day blessed by nature :)

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