Our Free Trip costs $1000 - Las Vegas, Nevada

We survived Las Vegas for 3 days 2 nights!! This is our 'free' trip. What a big LOL. Nevertheless, it really felt like a vacation. We stayed @ Plaza Hotel & Casino in Main St where Freemont Street Experience starts so it's quite perfect when you don't want to be bored in your hotel room.
This is our second 'free' trip - first one was in Catalina Island.
Signing Day October 3 for wedding on October 12
January 2 - Sent the certificate Casa Blanca Express
January 18 - Talked to Linda and chose the dates for Big Bear + sent by mail $30 for taxes
February 4 - Called to change from Big Bear to Las Vegas trip
February 11 - Confirmed dates for Vegas and received email
Click this link to view on a spreadsheet

Tips for trips like this:
  1. Bring your own water!! (for hangovers - we didn't have some btw) We brought about 6 tumblers with all waters and it was enough.
  2. Got us some chips, fruits, or whatever to munch on for the road.
  3. Bring a ponytail and a brush - I forgot these so my hair was down all the time despite the heat with my hands used as a comb.
  4. We saved about $80 for the 2 nights in the hotel. Free is free. If you don't want the hassle of calling and following up for this opportunity, just pay for it.
  5. Bring your own travel size shampoo, conditioner, soap, you name it. You'll never know if the hotel you're staying at has it.
Stories and reviews for attractions above will be in a separate post (and the vlog too) as I don't want this to be too crowded as it focuses on the money part for this trip. Need an itinerary? Click here.
I hope this helps anyone a thing or two!

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