Picnic @ Oceanside Pier

We enjoyed our picnic with friends on Mother's Day 2019 - May 12th. Brought our own food, drinks, tents, and such to stay here all day. First family who 'reserved' this place arrived about 0800 on this Sunday. We pretty much got 4 tables all to ourselves and got us some shade because of those tents they brought.
Beach itself is quite nice. Not a lot of people on early timeS but can get crowded. Not as crowded as Orange County beaches though. My family and I prefer places that are not too crowded. My husband and I loves to walk around and if people keeps bumping into us, it'll make it less fun.
Dads brought their table for Mahjong. Aside from drinking and talking, playing is their way of bonding. Moms sips wine here and there (even though it's prohibited). Just keep it low key and don't over do it.

My husband and I don't like to stay still so we try to do things as much as we can and rented this Single Surrey for 1 hour that cost $28.00. I must say that this is their most popular one (or maybe they don't have enough?) because we had to wait for another couple to be over with their time and return it so we can have it to ourselves. Both pedals work so don't make the same mistake I did where I didn't help pedal the bike for maybe the first 5 minutes of the whole ride. Left side wheel controls it like a regular car and the right side is just a toy.
Little chilly on some times during morning yet beautiful to roam around all throughout the day. Before we left and start driving, of course my dad had to be funny taking the picture on a boogie board. Parking on this area depends on where you park but it ranges from  $5 to $10.00.

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