Amazing Steak, Too many Shrimps, & Trying new Burgers.

Had our second night dinner here and I must say, I was full! And satisfied. My husband found this place and I'm always happy with his research as we are always happy with our tummy. We ordered the 34 oz. steak, cooked medium with ice cream for dessert. Salad for appetizers - I did not like it though. My husband did - you must know though that I'm pick with food. Completely romantic. Eat outside as there are no flies running around and you get to enjoy the smooth breeze and the beautiful scenery of Tivoli Village. You can never go wrong waiting for your food while looking into the lights in the water fountain.
Lunch for our second day in Vegas. Yow, I was FULL. I actually felt kind of sick afterwards because I ate too much (shrimps as my husband keeps teasing me about). We ordered fried rice and kind of regret it as it added to much heavy filling in our stomachs.  Our sauce was garlic and butter with mild spice. LOVED IT. Out of the four sizes with the combo seafood, we got the second one which was enough for the two of us.
Gloves and bibs were provided as any other seafood restaurant (that you enjoy, not the fancy ones like Red Lobster - not that it's fancy enough, lol). Free parking. This is much better in our opinion to be away from the strip and enjoy the food, instead of paying the strip's location while the food is so-so.

Last lunch in Vegas prior go back home. I got the Shack burger and his was mushroom Burger. We liked it both but I was too full from breakfast so didn't really enjoy it as much as he did. Fries were the best though compare to others I've tasted. Dessert we had was okay, typical ice cream with caramel syrup, nothing memorable but quite necessary in a hot Vegas day.

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