Beware of Scammers on Craiglist (Renters)

I will list six listings on Craiglist (no pictures is already a warning) and unfortunately also that are all scams. Including photos of the post (unless it was removed prior I made this post) and the emails I answered until I realized all of it are too good to be true. Please do what I did to be sure it's all legit. This is going to be a long post so if you couldn't careless about scam then see you next week for a new post :)
  1. I searched the photos I received on the second one on Tin Eye and found the listing on a different location yet all photos are the same.
  2. For all these addresses given to me, I typed it on search engine and found on several websites if it's not even available to rent, the rent is more expensive and if it matches with the neighborhood, and what not.
  3. Copy paste some sentences sent to you on email on any search engine. That's how I found out these templates they used have been around for a while (sites with the same verbiage on my emails are on the very bottom).
First: $650 / 1br-910ft2-Beautiful, modern artsy looking, brightly lit duel level condo (San Francisco) 
Hello Marecar,
As I have review your details, the address is on the lease agreement okay, internet is include, and parking spot is available for one car, I will be hoping to give you the apartment in good faith, I' m willing to accept and approve your rent application has our new tenant. I want you to know that you will be paying for security deposit that is fully refundable at the end of tenancy and a month's rent, so that I can proceed in writing the receipts and sign all the necessary papers. The deposit and the rent is refundable if by any means you want it back and decide not to rent the place.
I have just attached the Lease agreement Contract Document, so that we can finalize this today, you will need to print it out and sign on it and send it back to me through my email, once i across check it and everything is okay. i have attached the Lease Agreement Document for you, including with my pictures. I will be heading to DHL Office to arrange for the shipment of a package to you next day delivery. I will email you the tracking number from the courier service immediately i get the payment confirmation from you.
The contents of the package are;
Bunch of Keys to the property
Lease agreement
Documents containing property location and description
Tenancy agreement and policy
Receipts. (Once the payment is confirm)
I have attached the Lease agreement Document, also. Please do get back to me, so i will give you the information that you will be
sending the money to Via Bank Account.
Best Regards,
Second: $1000 / 1br - 678ft2 - Cozy Newly Renovated One Bedroom
Hello Anne,
Thanks so much for your interest in renting my apartment. My name is Joseph Kaneshiro, happily married and am a professional architectural engineer, I just invested in a modern architectural engineering and interior designing company which is a dream come true for me here and i just relocated here in Texas few weeks ago, so that's why am placing my spacious prestigious one bedroom one full bathroom apartment for rent and before me and my wife moved down here in Texas, we couldn't get a reliable property agent to handle the welfare of the apartment and because i really cherish my property so much, we decided to take the keys and the documents with us.
Address: 433 Adams St, Oakland, CA 94610
This is an absolutely beautiful apartment, pets allowed and it's located in prime neighborhood that is close to all amenities- public transits, shopping, grocery stores, schools, restaurants and other amenities with appliances including refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, in-suite washer/dryer, cable ready, high speed internet WIFI as well as storage space and one secured parking space included. The rent per month is $1,000 including all utilities for either short or long term lease and $1,000 security damages deposit which will be refunded to you in full amount after your tenancy that is when you want to move out of the apartment. I will like you to tell me about your renting experience and how you can take very good care of the apartment, so that i can forward the rental application form to you as well as the interior pictures of the apartment to show you how spacious and beautiful the apartment is and we can proceed further to the next steps. 
Awaiting Your Prompt Response. 

2nd email from same sender:
Hello Anne,
Thanks so much for getting back to me once again with more details about yourself and your rental history. Please attached are interior pictures of the apartment to show you how spacious and beautiful the inside is. I will urge you to kindly fill out the below rental application form completely so that we can proceed further to the next step.
(Private And Confidential)
FIRST NAME: __________________  
MIDDLE NAME: __________________
LAST NAME: __________________
PROFESSION: ________________
PHONE (____) __________ (CELL)
PHONE (____) __________ (WORK)
PHONE (____) __________ (HOME)
KIDS _____ (YES/NO), HOW MANY: ________
PRESENT ADDRESS: ___________________________
CITY: _______________
STATE: ______________
ZIP CODE: ____________
MOVE IN DATE: ______________
DO YOU HAVE PETS: ________
DO YOU SMOKE: ________
DO YOU HAVE A CAR: _______
PICTURES OF THE OCCUPANT IF AVAILABLE: ___________________________
REFERENCE DETAILS: ___________________________

3rd email from same sender:
Hello Anne, 
Thanks so much for getting back to me and your application form has been approved. I really appreciate your willingness in renting my apartment and i promise you that you will never regret taking my apartment. My wife and i have taken time to go over your application form and we are so impressed and can't stop having the feeling that my apartment will be well kept by you as promised. I will like us to proceed with the payment and the shipment of the keys and the documents immediately so that the package containing the keys, receipt of your payment and the documents can be delivered to you as soon as possible so you can get to move in at your own convenient time.
I will like you to know that you will make the payment of the first month rent $1,000 and security damages deposit $1,000 in total of $2,000 so that we can ship out the keys and the document's to you via UPS Courier Service to your present address and the shipment tracking number will be sent to you as soon as the package gets on transit so that you can be sure of the exact time the package would get to your door step and please once again, we are giving you this on trust and we truly hope you won't disappoint us.
I'm with the below here with me, i will like to know if you are ready for the payment. Here are the contents of the package that will be coming to you below...
1)Entrance And The Rooms Keys
2)A Copy Of The Lease Agreement Form
3)Payment Receipt
So let me know about your final decision, so that we can proceed on the next step to ship out the package via UPS Courier Service as soon as i confirm your first month rent and security deposit payment so as to secure the apartment for yourself and you can move in at your own convenient time and i will like to clarify that the package will be delivered in 24 hours(Next Day Delivery) as confirmed to me by the shipping company. Please i will need you to confirm the below delivery details of where you want the package to be sent so it won't get to the wrong hands, fill in your delivery information below and get back to me immediately today:
1)Package Receiver's Name:
2)Package Receiver's Address:
3)Package Receiver's Phone:
I look forward to hearing from you. I want you to get back to me if you are ready for the payment which will be via Bank Deposit, so that i can provide to you the necessary information for the payment. The good God shall bless you and we will include you in our prayers.
Waiting to hear from you soon,
Kind Regards

Third: $690.00 1 br, 1 bath Condo - 175 W Saint James St
Apartment you Inquired it still Available For Rent. I and my Family traveled to Virginia and some other Cities for a program For Department of Defense (DoD) Military Healthcare System (MHS), VA//DoD Healthcare Affairs (OHA) Heath Care in three major cities..
I need responsible tenant like you! whom will take very good care of my house and maintain it in my absence. We will be away for a while that is why we made up our mind to put up our house for rent to whomever that will take good care of it. Please i want you to note that I spent a lot on this property that I want to give to you for rent, so I will solicit for your Absolute Maintenance of this house and want you to treat it as your Own.
Utilities include Water, Trash, Sewer, Gas and Electricity. The money is not the main problem but I want you to keep it tidy all the time so that I will be Glad to see it neat when I come for a checkup. I want to count in you and to Trust you, to me I will always stand on my Word.
APARTMENT (175 W Saint James St UNIT 807 San Jose, CA 95110)
Bedroom 1
Bathrooms 1
Rent $690.00
Security Deposit 690.00
FIRST NAME:_________
MIDDLE NAME: _______
LAST NAME: _________
PROFESSION: ________
(CELL)PHONE ()______
(CELL)PHONE () _________
(WORK)PHONE () _______
YOUR EMAIL: _______________________
KIDS _____ (YES/NO), HOW MANY _____
PRESENT ADDRESS: __________________
CITY: _____________
STATE: ___________
ZIP CODE: _______________ HOW LONG? _________IF RENTING
YOUR PICTURE OR FAMILY PICTURE (IF ANY): could be attached with the application
Please feel free to ask any questions you do not understand and I will be looking forward to receive your email as soon as possible. As i am not around to Show the inside, you can go check out the house and the neighborhood from the outside and get back to me if you really like it for more information..
In case you see any sign Board, they are the Realtor in charge of my house before I decided to take over by myself. I am no more working with them and don't bother to contact them because formerly I wanted to sell the house before me and my Family, decided to rent it out instead of selling it out.
Best Regards,
Pamela McDonald.

2nd email for this 'property':
Anne & Najee
Good hearing from you, your application is satisfactorily okay by me and acceptable. Therefore, go through instruction then get back to me with proceed for renting the apartment.
We would like to send you following documents to you via FedEx Shipping DELIVERING COMPANY to the address Provided. The shipping  tracking details will be email to you soon as possible to occupy our house. Please once again, we are giving you this house based on trust so please do not disappoint us.

The listed documents is here with us and you will need to make Payment for security deposit for ($690.00) for commitment and to enable my lawyer ship the Keys and documents to your address, then you could move in at your convenience time... The rent starts counting when you move in, so you could go ahead with the payment straight away to make things faster, so you can have the keys and documents of the house with you.
Here are the contents of the document that needs to be sent.
(1 Entrance and the rooms Keys
(2 Paper/Permanent house form
(3 The house documentary file
(4 Full Description of the house
(5 Payment Receipt
(7 A Copy Of Signed Lease Agreement Form.
Get back to me for the next line of action for payment ,so you are free to decide on how long you intend occupying it. Rent already includes utilities. I'm ready to accept either monthly or upfront mode of payment..  depending on the one you're most comfortable with.
Utilities include: Power, water, sewer and trash. Be informed your monthly rent already covers utilities so you do not have to pay extra charges for that.

Please, note that the deposit made is refundable in case you finally gain entrance to the house after receiving the keys and documents and feel unsatisfied or uncomfortable with the interior, but I am giving you a benefit of doubt that you will like everything about home.
I await to hearing from you to give you information Sending the money to enable us complete this issue as I am Okay in having you in my home.
Best Regards,
Pamela McDonald.
3rd email for this 'property':
I will be tall happy having you as our new tenant, all I demand from you is your promise and trust that you won’t disappoint us, in taking good care of the Apartment as you move in.
Here is payment information for the security deposit to my secretary via money gram in any CVS / pharmacy or any store Transfer then get back to me with the payment receipt for documentation.
I’ll have my lawyer process to ship the keys and documents to your present address as payment receipt is received from you.

Payment Instruction
Name: Martin Ethan
City: Portsmouth
State: VA
Zip code: 23707
Deposit: $690.00
Act fast for the payment as many people are contacting me to rent the home, but I am giving the house to you because your application is satisfactorily okay by me of my family.
I await for the receipt payment to enable my lawyer ship the keys and document to your present address as stated.
Best Regards,
Pamela McDonald.

Fourth: $690.00 1 br, 1 bath Condo - 8200 Oceanview Ter
Her email is exactly like what I received on my third listing except for the address.  
Fifth: $900 - 3901 Ruby Street, Apt # 4, Oakland, CA
Thanks for your interest and inquiries about my apartment. Yes the apartment is still available for rent and we need a responsible person/family to occupy and maintain the apartment since we are not going to be around for a while. we traveled to Tennessee, for a program called SERVING IN MISSION (SIM),you can view the link for more info: ( I will be away for 3 to 4 years or more that is why I have made up my mind to put up my apartment for rent to whom ever that will take good care of it. I believe you have seen how it is from only the pictures you saw on the site, compared to the 100% comfort to be derived from it as an occupant.
FEATURES : Laundry, Electric Range, Electric Heat, Car park.
AMENITIES: Air Conditioning, Deck, Cable TV, Ceiling Fans, 24 hours Internet service, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Microwave, security alarm, Pets Friendly, Refrigerator, Washer / Dryer.
Rental Price: $900 per month and security Deposit is $500 (Security Deposit is Refundable) Utilities included in monthly rent.
Here is the address to the Home: 3901 Ruby Street, Apt # 4, Oakland, CA.
I may not be returning to the apartment because we plan buying another House upon arrival. For more inquiries.
Name (First name/ Middle name/Surname ) : __________?
Phone numbers (home, cell and office line ) # :__________?
E-mail :__________?
Best time to call :__________?
Marital Status:__________?
How many proposed occupants :__________?
List all in addition to yourself including approx. age :__________?
Present Address :__________?
City/State :__________?
Will you have pets :__________?
Please describe Breed, size :__________?
Personality of pet :__________?
Preferred move in date :__________?
Intended length of lease:__________?
Do you agree to pay the payment before you move in:__________?
Earliest possible date of deposit payment:__________?
Length of previous tenancy :__________?
Present occupation :__________?
Do you work late night :__________?
Do you smoke :__________?
Do you drink :__________?
Looking forward to hearing back from you with all this details so that i can have them in my file in case of issuing your rent payment receipt to you and for contacting you. Your quick response will be highly appreciated so that we can discuss on how to get the documents and the keys of my property to you via Express Delivery Services and You may drive by to view the building and its living environment. May God bless you and your family.

Sixth: $690 - 1 br, 1 bath - 1550 Technology Dr Unit 3041
Thank you for your interest in my apartment. I am the owner of the apartment. I am very happy that I found an intending tenant for my apartment. We are looking for a responsible tenant as we are currently not in the state, we left the state for a life-enriching programmed called (HBP) 'Healthy Babies Project that basically focus and help at-risk families. We reach out to high-risk, low-income, substance-abusing, pregnant and parenting women, men, and their families and we also work with service provider partners to connect women and families to resources including health care, housing, nutrition, mental health services, educational support, skills building, substance abuse support and employment. We have inspiring stories from at-risk families who have had healthy babies and are moving out of the cycle of poverty - (thanks, to HBP) project.
Charming luxury condo located on the third floor in a highly sought after Sonora complex. Spacious 1 bed/1 bath open floor-plan 665 sq. ft. with high ceilings. Kitchen features maple cabinetry, granite counter tops, and stainless steel appliances. Master suite features carpet and walk-in closet and a 2nd closet too. Master Bath offers beautiful countertop, vanity & tub/shower combination. Convenient laundry area off kitchen. A/C. Amenities include pool, spa, clubhouse, game room, office center, gym, workout room, and barbecue. Private gated underground car parking, as well as easy street parking for easy access. Centrally located to major tech companies. Close to light rail, bike trails, restaurants, hotels, Downtown SJ, and more! Conveniently located near highway 101, 87, 880 and SJ International Airport. Ready for move in.
Facts and features
Type: Condo
Year built: 1980
Heating: Forced air
Cooling: Central
809 sqft
Address: 1550 Technology Dr UNIT 3041, San Jose, CA 95110, 1 bedroom 1 bathroom.
(Monthly rent: $690, Refundable security deposit: $690 ) include utilities and it features: Breakfast nook, Refrigerator, Stove/Oven, garage, Balcony, Deck, or Patio, Air conditioning, Walk-in closet, Hardwood floor, Tile floor, Living room, Cable-ready, High-speed Internet ,Garage parking. Washer/Dryer and the apartment is fully furnished. Ready to accept any responsible applicant, contact immediately for the application form to enable us proceed further.
Thank you and I look forward to read from you soon.
Best Regards,
Bray Thomas Leo..              

All the emails above are copy pasted from my emails. I hope this helps anyone who is finding a place for themselves. Thank you to all the people who shared the experiences as I have found on these sites below:
Watch out! And to all the scammers. Hope you all choke.

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