Hindu Temple + Vistor Center in Malibu, CA

The morning started as a let's not plan this day. My husband wanted to see the PCH. First destination was supposed to be Huntington beach as my husband's never been there. As we talk and talk, we were on highway 60 and missed the exit going into highway 91 so I said okay, let's see which beach this highway leads us to. It goes into Santa Monica but we've both been there so I say let's go a bit farther and we reached Malibu.
Not knowing what we wanted to do, my husband saw the sign that says visitor's center so we followed that. Turned right, followed the way (both of us never been on this route before) and all of a sudden my husband saw the top of the Hindu Temple.
Obviously at that moment I said turn right! And so he followed the path then we parked into the lot. Free admission, just please be quiet, be respectful and take off your shoes. One man was so welcoming he keeps telling us, ask if you have any questions. He even said go inside and see.
On its four corners is where people go and pray. I took photos so I don't have to memorize names (I'm really bad at it especially when I don't see, speak or think of it often). I didn't bring my go pro so bear with my iPhone 6 camera quality. Again, this is a spontaneous trip so no planned photoshoots and what not. 
The temple has a basement. It has a cultural hall with a stage, multiple seats for viewing and a cafeteria of some sort. On another side is more serene place for praying. There's a sign that says no photos or videos so I didn't record anything out of respect.
Overall this Hindu Temple is such a remote place to have a moment even though you don't practice their religion/culture. Must see if you're driving nearby.
After enjoying the Hindu Temple, it was hard to turn left on that road as it was narrow and curvy, you don't see the vehicles coming in. I suggested we turn right and voila, few miles away from the visitor's center which what we intended to see.
Free parking and free admission. You're going to pass a gate that says hospital, just enter and you'll see thins I love their gift shop. It has the most stuff I've seen (and good ones) in a visitor center. Their interactions for the kids to play and learn with is pretty interesting. Like what I mentioned about the Hindu Temple, this Visitor's Center is a must see in Malibu.

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