Home Plate, Seafood City, & Chowders @ SF, Bui Sushi in Malibu, Ikea Food in Burbank

I will go back her just to taste their homemade scones. Coffee is coffee, eggs are eggs. Benedict though were pretty good. Hash brown is crispy as it should be. Service is fast and nice. I brought my two tumblers to see if I can ask for water because we don't want to buy and the waitress who walked by gladly saw the tumblers and said she can fill it up instead of me asking for a pitcher and pour it myself. Surroundings feels fancy.

Typical branch of this go-to Filipino location. I love the Sinampalukang Manok and the pork BBQ. I found my combo for life. Beware, if you're not a rice eating person or not a two cups of rice one, they will always give you 2 cups so keep that in mind to not waste food. My love enjoyed his posit as always as well as his favorite Kare-Kare.

Maybe I was just hungry but I really love the chowder. BE careful when you first get it though as it's hot. Unfortunately, my husband is not sold for its taste. I think he got high expectations as San Francisco is known for amazing chowders.

This is where I officially declare I love California Roll. Spontaneous as our plans were to be in Malibu, we saw this restaurant beside another one where its filled. We decided to eat here and no regrets at all. Service is nice and you have the option to eat outside or inside with the choice of table or those cushion like sofa to be more comfortable? Good place.

This was our first look into Ikea and we were in love. I guess it can be said that we are really adulting. After hours of walking, dinner time came in and we ate at the café. Got the chicken tenders with fries, (which is now a standard order for our family) and the Swedish meatballs (which my dad even got extra to cook at home). My mama and I love the conspiracy cake.  I feel like that is the real chocolate cake. I feel so guilty eating it but it's that good. Coffee is bomb for a dollar. I always get the free one when you sign up for the family member every time you go in.

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