Learn, Borrow, & Bring - Moving Out Necessities

Plan, plan, plan! You can never plan too much (in my opinion). I would like to share our list of what we wanted to bring and borrow. Ours or theirs is listed as well so it's clear for everyone. Do not be embarrassed to ask. Ask to borrow, to buy on garage sales, on sale and clearances, on anything at all to help you save money. But at the same time, be balance when it comes to being practical and living comfortably enough.
Learn, borrow, & bring

Apartment hunting in 1 day - Here's our weekend for apartment hunting. Beware of scammers!!! More like 1 day apartment hunting, but! It took research, effort to call and email, and time to really have it smooth out. Remember! Nothing can be perfect like us, two out of this plan, we didn't make it because of the location that we didn't like and we ran out of time. But we also added two that's not on this plan since we were already on the area and we had time before the first one. I included the pdf so you can edit yourself with time, address, rents, area, then just add whatever you think is necessary for your list.

Here's what I brought from my parents' house to our place:
  • 4 Pants & 10 Shirts
  • 10 Pair of Shoes
    • 2 boots, hiking, 2 heels, sneakers, sliders, oxford,   
  • 4 Pair of 'summer' outfit
    • 1 w/ skirt, 2 w/ shorts, 1 w/ loose cropped legging
  • 4 Sweaters & 2 Long Sleeves
  • 5 Tights, 2 Gloves, & 3 Scarves
  • 3 Luggage
  • 5 Bags
    • 2 small, 2 everyday use, 2 hiking
And now that my husband and I lives alone, we get to clean our stuff and organize where things should be. As I was cleaning, I found out I left most of my jackets in my parents' house. I only have 1 puffy jacket and the rest is thin cardigans. Good luck to me surviving the winter in North California!

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