6 Awesome Points in Grand Canyon South Rim

Another time in the amazing Grand Canyon South Rim! This trip is my second one and we went to 6 points and none is a loser when it comes to view. Judge yourself:
1. Mather Point - park on Lot 4, not as much vehicle around 1100 and close enough on the visitor center. Perfect location to start your journey at the Grand Canyon but a little crowded to my taste.

2. Yavapai Point - anywhere you go on this magnificent place is jaw dropping as well as this point. Not as much space without the bars though and as my title in the blog says, I'd like to be a daredevil and sit on the edge.

3. Yaki Point - Lots of trees blocking your way to see the real deal. But hey, it's what makes a good picture interesting, am I right?

4. Hermit's rest transfer Point - We didn't really have the time to really explore this point as we were waiting to hop on another bus to the next point.
5. Hopi Point - I love the river view. Plus the part where you can sit on the edge like what we did, I say this is my winner on this trip.

6. Powell Point - You have to walk a little to reach the end and view point. Maybe we were tired already for this day, you know, driving since 0330 to arrive early and this is our 6th point. I suggest go to each point if you have the time or aim to go on different ones every time you go so you can compare it all.

Here's our faces in a video :)

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