NEVER leave anything in your vehicle.

Do NOT leave anything as much as possible in your vehicle. We were buying our mattress one afternoon and when we got home we realized parts were missing. So we had to go back to the place where we bought it from and when we were done getting the parts we needed, we saw a man standing beside our vehicle. Here's a list why we think he was shady:
  1. There were huge spaces in the parking lot. Why hang out beside our vehicle like you're looking what's inside?
  2. Why wear a hoodie on a pretty weather day? Your style, huh? Ok, how about...
  3. Why carry gloves in your jacket? Yep, looks fabulous.
  4. When we were closing unto him, my husband says he was ready to run. You guessed that right, running shoes for the fashion world.
  5. There were other vehicles on the parking lot. But when my husband and I when to ours got inside, I was thinking of getting him the benefit of the doubt - he didn't have a vehicle to get into. Meaning, he was really roaming around the place to see where he can go to steal stuff.
We were so glad we had nothing on the vehicle. Now I'm thinking even if it were groceries you got, try to go straight home or leave one man in the vehicle instead of no one at all. And NEVER ever, leave your vehicle with your keys in it while you get out even if it's just a second. I promise you, you will regret it and it will be too late. You can never be TOO careful.
Another story I learned is when my coworker visited San Francisco. They were from out of the country. They left their stuff in the trunk, so if I remember correctly, nothing can be seen (or maybe there was) inside. When they got back from getting food, all their stuff was gone from the trunk. They talked to the police and cops said it's pretty normal for this to happen in this place. As bummed as they are, that it's usual, cops were also like another of this that we can't do anything about.
Same place that we saw ourselves - we were walking from Lombard Street to Fisherman's Wharf and one vehicle has a fist size crack on the rear right side which means the robber got specifically what 'it' saw.
On the opposite side of it, don't be too paranoid. I kind of noticed on myself that there were times when we're not even the road or doing anything but I'm already scared what can happen on the way or when we arrive or whatever you can think of. Then again I thought does this mean I can't live anymore and roam around like before because I'm so afraid of what might happen? How will you explore the world if you're always thinking of ways to ruin your day? Mess your adventure before it happens? Sometimes, unfortunate events are a blessing. Cliche as it sound, everything happens for a reason. Be ready and careful as you can be, but don't forget to cherish and enjoy life.

Pictures are from our first morning in our new home. Thank you to my mama (sneezing) and papa on helping us out all thru this process. Listen to everyone's advice regarding on how to be safe at all times! (Olympus OMD EM10 MII)

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