Pacific Pinball Museum + Alameda Theatre & Cineplex

Pacific Pinball Museum - Free admission!

Well, even adulthood as there were more adults playing than children when we were here.
 This is just a wonderful treat to everyone's childhood. 
You have to pay for all day playing, yes UNLIMITED.
We only went inside and took pictures so we didn't have to pay anything. 
Parents bringing their kids is a smart thing to do as you have your own machines, you do your own thing while still keeping track of where your kids are at.
Must see in Alameda, California!

Alameda Theatre & Cineplex - This is where we watched our first movie ever since we moved so we were excited what it can offer. Decorations are quite nice and we saw The Lion King in the Historic Theater where you have a choice of either pay a little more to have your seat reserved or sit wherever pleases you. Good thing we were here on a weekday so it wasn't that full but seats were not reclined so if people wanted to lay a little they have the tendency to kick you (especially kids).
It's so funny how while watching the movie, it's not the kids who were having fun but the DADS! Yes, they were dancing and smiling like my husband (he's not a dad yet) but you get the gist. Only thing I can recommend to improve is their popcorn. It's not as addictive as others I've tasted. Most of the time we finish our popcorn before the movie ends but this one we didn't.

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