Tennessee Valley Trail & Benicia State Recreation Area

Tennessee Valley Trail - Free parking. Lots of people don't even go here to hike but to go to the beach. Easy trail, bikers and pets are welcome.
There are multiple signs so you won't be lost. There's a port-a-potty in the middle (watch the video) and my husband says it's better than most not-so-appealing public toilets.
We finished this trail in 38 minutes to the beach. I say after you have fun looking at the beach, go to the left side which is more secluded. You'll see these colorful rocks and enjoy the serene sound of beach waves with less people.
When you finally felt rested, please please go to the Outlook. It's windy up there but definitely worth the climb.

Benicia State Recreation Area - You have to pay $6 to enter. Once done, enjoy the whole park with everybody else. They have lots of tables for you to use and easy trails to walk on to completely beside the water.

Lots of people bring their chairs and tent for cover if they don't want to use the tables for public. They bring their own radios and fishing poles, even toys so kids won't get bored.

It's just completely relaxing to hang out here. Chill surroundings.

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