Lake Merritt & China Town in Oakland, CA

Lake Merritt in Oakland, California is such a beautiful place to be at. Lots of people go here to hang out, play around, run, and just enjoy the surroundings. There's no gate or admission to be here but parking can be a problem on a weekday. Snow Park is just one of the many parks surrounding this lake.
We got here one Sunday to train for a half marathon and the perimeter is exactly 5 kilometers. There are some uphill but not to a point where you'd hate it. Just enough to make it not boring. Pets are welcome.

China Town is a small part of a big city and I say it's worth it to go to because of Shandong Restaurant.
Fountains and arts on the wall are everywhere in this location. Just always be careful to not be too naïve with your belongings as you roam around.
While waiting on the long line for food, we walked around went to a public park called Lincoln Square where lots of people play basketball and kids enjoy the playground.

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