Need VS Want - Moving Out Necessities

Forgive me if I couldn't post an excel sheet of the photo below. I lost track of the original and I edited it as we go along with our moving so the total cost below is already less than the first draft I did. Before, it had TV on it with a price of $400 but we took it out because my amazing parents gifted a brand new one to us (thank you again for everything mama and papa <3).
Here's the planning part of this moving out - Learn, Borrow, & Bring.

  1. Stick to your budget. Try the best you can.
  2. Compromise (believe me when I say this is the key - we fought so many times on what to buy).
  3. Plan ahead and budget!
This is not a sudden move, my husband and I planned this ever since he started working and after his first paycheck, we had a meeting (yes, we called it that when it's a serious matter). Our meeting usually took outside of my parents' house not because they will hear us but because we are usually too comfortable and just play around. That first meeting planned out how much we were going to earn together and how long we plan to do it prior the move. For months, my husband looked for jobs near where my parents' at but unfortunately none were interested. Then we decided to take a chance and move to the Bay Area to pursue his career. I was terrified. Not only financial aspect of this (even though this post is about budgeting exactly that) but the fact that my parents will not have me close by. As went along with buying our stuff for the moving and I packed, it was actually me who was more attached to them than them attached to me. And I keep telling everyone, it's time for me to learn not only for them and my husband but especially for myself.
As you can see, I made rows for Walmart, Ikea, Dollar Tree, Home Depot, & Lowe's with their specific things and prices to buy on that particular store. Yes, I made my research on where to buy the cheapest yet most worth quality and I bundled it so when we went to Ikea for example, we already know which one to look for and buy straight up. I even put the link for us to search on our phones incase I forgot what I shopped around online. Now what I posted above is what we need, not what we wanted. So to be realistic, I wrote than below and the prices for the things we can live without.
Unnecessary (to some extent) things that we got anyway:
  1. Vacuum - $40 (we got carpet)
  2. Toaster - $10 (we love bread)
  3. Hand Mixer - $40 (I like to bake)
  4. Baking Sheets - $3 (above reason)
  5. Baking Cups - $2 (again)
  6. Pepper Crusher $15 (my husband loves to cook)
  7. Juicer - $20 (spinach juice everyday)
  8. Chair Pad - $20 (Ikea for our Jokkmokk)
  9. Dish Rack - $22 (bad Costco for making a good one)
  10. Side Table from Ikea - $10 (each, we got two)
Yes of course there's more that's missing from the list above but I know you get the gist. If anyone wants to know more links of what we got, feel free to let me know and I'd be happy to post what we got :)

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