Shandong Restaurant, Chicken Express, Hummingbird Bakery, Suruki, Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, One House Bakery

These are a total of 8 food places (restaurants & bakeries). Perks of moving to a new place, you got to try everything! Of course, when you can, it's not required. Always think first about your budget, but never forget to live your life. Enjoy!

Shandong Restaurant in Oakland, CA - best chicken with homemade sauce ever. Hands down, I will go back to this place for these Shandong Chicken. I told everyone I know. Some noodles have options to be done handmade and I suggest get that. Their fried shrimp is okay, wonton soup is alright. Dumplings though are bomb when fresh. So eat those first.

We waited almost an hour for our seats (for two) at a Saturday early evening. They do not take reservations but definitely go to Yelp to be put on the waiting list (can be a reservation per se, just no definite time). It's a small place but lots of people go here. Lots of people to a point where they will ask some if it's okay to share the table with other group.

Chicken Express in Vallejo, CA - This place is always a savior when we our craving for something good but don't want to spend too much yet feels so satisfied. I always get the soft chicken taco, one is fulfilling enough. Every time I get two I always ask my husband to help me finish it. There's something in their chicken or how they cook it that is just so good.

Hummingbird Bakery in Vallejo, CA - We just passed by one afternoon as pastries always call me. We went inside and the interior is cute. We asked what's the best seller and we were told it's the hummingbird. We agree that it should be the best seller as it was a really unique taste for a cupcake. Husband wanted the cake pop so we got one but it wasn't really memorable for me.

Suruki's in Vallejo, CA - We love Japanese restaurants so when we moved out we had to find a place that we like just in case we're craving for some. Thank the heavens and we found this place that has the hand rolls that we will always go back to. Husband says their sashimi is good but the slices weren't correct.
Their Shoyu ramen is not so good compare to my all time favorite in Ramen Okawari in Riverside, CA. Shrimp tempura is good that I always pair it with my California Hand roll while my husband's a must is the Salmon Skin Hand roll.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Fairfield, CA - Fast service and we didn't any differences on how it tastes compare to other BWW. I got my usual Honey BBQ sauce and mozzarella sticks. Husband's usual is onion rings and mango habanero. Always go here if you can on a Tuesday as they have s deal of Buy 1 get 1 free of those wings. No matter how much size you order, you'll get double of it - such an amazing deal.

Olive Garden in Vallejo, CA - breadsticks are bomb when it first arrived. Later on when it gets cold, we don't like it anymore. So little tip, either you eat as much as you want since it's unlimited breadsticks while it's hot and fresh or slow down to not be so full. I love my husband's order of chicken with the spaghetti, which I will get next time. My carbonara was not so bad, actually perfect size. Steak was so-so, salad's okay. We got in at dinner time so it was good that the bar was offered with the same service. 

Cheesecake Factory in Walnut Creek, CA - Fast service, waited less than 5 minutes it was early dinner on a weekday. Husband got salmon with mashed potato - good fish but the dressing/sauce is necessary for it go be good or else the fish will just taste meh + mashed potatoes were awesome. Mine was Brioche sandwich and it is good. Lots of meat inside and the combination of their cheese and egg with it is bomb. Big serving (at least for me) and tots are tolerable.

One House Bakery in Benicia, CA - Crowded place on the bottom, not so much upstairs. I love their hang out place with the couch on where students/whoever can chill, study, or whatever. Lots of games and books for you to choose from so it's really nice to let time pass by. Food wise, I was disappointed. Their cheese sticks were really oily and I hated it at first. The next day my husband and I tried to snack it and we did finish it anyway. Original velvet cupcake was not good for me as well, I don't even remember how it taste like all I know is I'm never getting that again. Their macarons are manageable, I prefer the cookies and cream compare to the mocha. If I remember correctly we didn't even finished the mocha one.
Best macarons for me will always be Laduree.

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