Thank you first 25 years :)

When I remember that I am now 25 (turned two months ago), it's scary. I try not to compare to others with the same age as I am but I'm not always successful. So when I start to do that unhealthy mind set, I remember all the blessings I have (people, material things, problems, experiences, and all that jazz). And as a traditional post as it may be, let's list some things I'm grateful for all the years I have lived.

  1. Tent I got from my husband.
  2. Things my parents got us for our new place.
  3. All the advice and goodbyes from coworkers and friends about moving.
  4. Realizing friends come and go for the better.
  5. You can't be okay with other peoples' opinions and that's okay.
  6. Taking risks can be rewarding.
  7. Learn how to compromise.
  8. Rest. Only when you know you've been productive.
  9. Planning can take you on a new level of less stress.
  10. It won't go as always you want it to be.
  11. Budgeting can be a pain but necessary.
  12. You can learn what interests you.
  13. Aim to be better (physically, mentally, emotionally).
  14. Let people be happy with little things (social media, sharing their opinion, and what not)
  15. Invest in quality stuff - I say invest like one or two, not multiple excessive that you don't need and only bought to show off.
Thank you mama and papa for all your help and your gifts to us.
  1. 58" Sharp Television with Roku
  2. Samsung Sound Bar
  3. Router/Modem
  4. Flowers on my birthday (tradition for years now)
All the stuff we got from the house - printer, kitchen stuff, etc. and most importantly, the support and love :)
Not that anyone would care but I only post all these to show what my parents & husband does to make me happy (and clearly spoil the heck out of me). All these experiences are true story and I keep wanting to learn and be better.

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