6 Free things to see in San Francisco

We parked in Union Square and paid $35.00. Yes it is expensive but it had a roof and seemed safe compare to all the news we heard about vehicles being broken into to steal whatever they see.
1. Twin Peaks - Talk about view and free parking. Do this at least once. After that there's no reason to come back unless you'd like to see it at night to see San Francisco's city lights.

2. Union Square - Lots of people since this is the center of downtown. Shopping, food, cable cars, chaos, it's pretty much all here if you're into the city scenario.
3. Neiman Marcus Interior - Just enter the mall and it's there. You don't even need 5 minutes to appreciate the decorative style it has.
4. Yerba Buena Gardens - This is such a nice place to hang out. When we went, there's an event happening and lots of people just sit back, talk, watch or whatever. I love the fountain where you can go behind and read lots of good summary about history.
That's my husband reading and yes, he's into history. Me? Not so much like he is.
5. Ferry Building Marketplace - Lots of food to taste! My husband loved the oysters, I tried the macarons. You can spend the whole afternoon here. Once you get tired of walking, chill at the back end where there's always happening in the water.
6. Cable Car Museum - Must see in downtown! History and real cables connecting to the cable cars that is still being used to this day.
Miscellaneous: Beware - tiring uphill when walking from where we were. All of these places, we went by foot. When a place has an admission, we get out and on to the next lol. Because why not, unless we really are interested on the specific place or have something to do.
Good luck and enjoy!

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