8 Roman Catholic Churches in the Bay Area

As we moved out to a new place, we have to find a church that we feel comfortable in. There are more catholic churches in the Bay Area compare to where we're from. Enjoy the photos we took of the inside and outside of each that we went to.
The Cathedral of Christ the Light - Oakland, CA. Most beautiful church we've seen by far in the bay area. We love the holy water that it's in a rotating fountain.
St. Vincent Ferrer - Vallejo, CA. Looks good, start and finish on time. Air can be blowing on your head big time so beware where you sit.

St. Catherine of Siena - Vallejo, CA. More round compare to other churches, lots of commercials at the end. You have to use the stairs when parked uphill.
St. Basil The Great - Vallejo, CA. Not your usual small church but decent. Doesn't have lots of decorations compare to others.
St. Augustine - San Francisco, CA. We didn't go for a mass, just stopped by on the weekend when the hubby and I were looking for a new place in the Bay Area. Cute church.
St. Dominic - Benicia, CA. This is our go to place for a little while now since one of the priest are amazing with his sermon.
St. Columba - Oakland, CA. Not a lot of people went here on a Saturday afternoon (anticipated mass), which is typical anyway but this has much less compare to other churches. We felt the most welcome here as they really walk and go to each and everyone to say peace.
Holy Family Catholic Church - American Canyon, CA. Smallest I've seen. I pray that they get bigger to accommodate more people. I told my husband that he won't like to go here. Doesn't end in an hour.

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