Alcatraz Prison & Angel Island Combo Tour

We finally went to this interesting place! I wanted to do the night tour originally but the husband made a good point that there's no good lighting for pictures at night. Book your reservations in advance and make sure you have enough time prior the boarding because it's better to wait in line than miss your boat.

Above photo is the island and the water tower.
  1. If you want to save in parking, park where we did but you will WALK about a mile. If you want to be closer, it gets higher up to $40.00.
  2. Bring your food and drink if you don't want to buy like we did. Just don't carry alcoholic beverages and you will be fine.
  3. My husband and I enjoyed the audio tour inside the prison so he went and bought souvenirs. Clearly if you are short on cash, just take a lot of pictures and you're good.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes since there is a little uphill that you need to go through before getting into the main prison.
Bay area is always unpredictable when it comes to the weather so bring layers. Easy to remove your clothes than to freeze when you don't have enough.
Pretty bizarre how convicts were living here on their time. Above photo is the Recreational Yard and a story of an attempt to escape. Below is their only view of the outside world.

Angel IslandAfter the infamous Alcatraz Island tour, we relaxed on this small yet peaceful island. Only few families live here to take care of the said island and they are doing a good job. Clean, organized tour (shuttle for less than hour), and smiles.
After the tram tour, you have about less than an hour to just chill wherever you feel like. I sat down on the picnic and just enjoyed the serenity of the place.
There's a restaurant that you can sit down, eat and drink to let time pass by quickly.
Combo tour for two $157.30
Parking @ Pier 1 $20.00
Snacks while on board $8.68 + $3.96
Souvenir $38.95
Total $228.89

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