Mt. Diablo Summit + Edwards Loop

$10 fee per vehicle when we entered this state park and they only take cash. Lots of bikers more than vehicles so really be careful when turning. Have patience! There are many picnic areas from the bottom to the summit so you can always explore more. Husband said the campground looks nice and we might try to camp next time we go here.
This is such a fulfilling climb. Full of assault and if not careful, you will get lost. We did the trail from Juniper Campground clockwise to reach the summit. This is not an easy climb so bring water. Don't be like us!
When we reached the top after less than 3 hours, we were shown where the tarantulas are and got offered to touch two of them so we did, DUH.
If you don't want to hike (or can't or just lazy, no judgements here), you can always drive to the summit parking lot and enjoy the free admission visitor center like we did after our assault. They do these exhibits every once in a while from wild animals, plants, and what not.
It's kind of cool when you buy something because they take apple pay. Fortunately, my husband brought his phone because I didn't and we had no cards nor cash when we started climbing.

Edwards Loop Sky Trail with Edwards Creek and Wood Rat.
We finished this loop in an hour and I am doubting if the trail I read was accurate or we took shortcuts? Anyway, this is a quick and nice hike. Want to feel productive on a Saturday but don't want to spend anything? Go here and enjoy the wind, view of the bridge, and nature.

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