The Original Mels Diners, Cheesecake Factory, Combo Express, Kaigan Sushi, John's Grill, Churwaffle and Chicken, Sunshine Hawaiian, Kinder's BBQ

Today's scheduled post is about 8 restaurants my husband and I has the pleasure of trying out. If you're not into food, see you on the next one!
The Original Mels Diners - Pinole, CA. Food was good. I finished my breakfast plate even though typically I always leave some pancakes. Steak was okay as well as the fried shrimps. Our server forgot my husband's corn bread and coleslaw though but it can happen to anyone.
Cheesecake Factory in Union Square - San Francisco, CA. Fast seating after lunch, small space for two though. Service was typical in this restaurant, not the fastest compare to others. Their food is the same as the other branches.
Combo Express - Vallejo, CA. We found another staple food of ours. My husband loves the salt chicken, I'm into the barbecue flavored one. Wonton soup is all amazing. Most importantly, they serve fast and generous. It's all good!
Kaigan Sushi - Benicia, CA. We will probably not come back since none of the food is memorable. The hand roll was a bit too powdery (not sure how or if it even has that but that's what I remember). Tempuras were alright.
John's Grill - San Francisco, CA. Best Steak we've had in the Bay Area. Small space and crowded as it is in the center of the city but we will definitely remember this for life. I love the service, my husband said he felt we were really taken care of even if it was a busy evening on a Saturday. Slow down on the alcohol though if you sit on the ground floor since the bathroom is upstairs.
Chowder soup can be better. Other than that, all thumbs up especially the part where they have my husband's favorite beer - Hoegaarden.
Churwaffle and Chicken - Fairfield, CA. Not sure if they just opened in this food court but I was disappointed with the taste. I love waffles hence I was attracted but when I tasted the sample, I just felt bad to not buy. Hey, they were nice to give an extra one when I bought the least amount. Will fill your stomach quick!
Sunshine Hawaiian BBQ & Ramen - Vallejo, CA. Husband declared we will not be coming back. There ramens are okay, nowhere near our favorites though. Fried shrimps are your usual. Our server was about to get our order when she said I'll be right back. She never did. We were hungry and she completely forgot about us. I waved and she repeatedly apologize because she realized what happened.
Kinder's BBQ - Hercules, CA. Best barbecue we tasted after Lucille's. Sorry, I have to say the truth with what our taste buds tell us. We will be back here as their service is amazing but of course the food is bomb. Now I miss eating their sandwich.

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