Black Bear Diner, Frymazing, California Pizza Kitchen, Momo's Cafe, Tselogs, Sizzler's, Cookie Dough, Cream, La Michoacana, Ghiradelli Square

This post will be about 10 food locations. Specifically 6 restaurants and 4 dessert places. Eat well!
Black Bear Diner - Emeryville, CA. The bread that's for appetizer is bomb. My husband and I ate half of it before our entrees arrived. The bread that came with his steak though, one bite and I hated it. Steak was good enough (both rib eye and new york). Oddly, my husband liked mine better and I liked his better. Good thing that we are married and we can share food. Eggs are typical as well as the hash brown. Fast service and a nice one too.
Frymazing - Vallejo, CA. I love their honey butter sauce! This is one of our guilty pleasures to go to. My husband goes back to their bibimbap and I will always go back to the fresh garlic fries. This really is a must in this city!
California Pizza Kitchen - Pleasanton, CA. - Thin crust is amazing but tiring to chew! Next time, I will order the original crust but with the same flavor I got which is cheese with tomatoes. The flat bread appetizer was okay, I will probably not order it next time since I am not a fan of onions and such. Husband wanted to try the drink so we did and it was another soda in my opinion. It didn't stand out.
His fish was amazing! Healthy and delicious. Dessert is breathtaking. Literally we ate in less than 5 minutes. Up to this point, it is still the best brownie ice cream combo we dream about.
Momo's Café - Vallejo, CA. Man oh man, their french toast is the best ever. Lately we tasted the pancakes too and yep, it is also a cloud in your mouth. Seating is limited so have time to spare especially if the weather is beautiful on a weekend, people will wait. Chicken is good too! Pretty much everything is amazing like their service.
Tselogs - San Francisco, CA (Jones St). Cons first - whoever man who picked up my phone, either has a bad hearing or just too busy to care of what I'm saying. I asked if they do delivery, 'yes of course'. At the end of the call, it needs to be picked up because they don't do that. Okay, no worries we will drive to it. I ordered Hotsilog, he said Tocilog. I already knew he misheard it the very first time so I said it at least three times before hanging up and I even said hotdogs okay.. I got Tocilog.
Pros - best Tapsilog ever! Awesome pancit with a different taste that I really liked and the buko pie is delicious. Tocilog was alright, maybe I am disappointed because I didn't want it. For all the hearing trouble, the food made up for it.
Sizzler's - Tukwila, Seattle. Manager was amazing, he made us feel welcome and works fast. Unfortunately not all branch of this restaurant is the same as this one did not have the pulled pork I was excited to eat every single time. Ice cream melted fast. For my husband and I, we got three half cheese bread. Steak was okay and baked potatoes was delicious.

Cookie Dough Parlor - Pinole, CA. Now CLOSED. I love the coffee flavored ice cream. My husband loved the cookie dough especially when he eats it together.
Cream - Vallejo, CA. Waffle is too much but once melted with the ice cream, it grows on you. I wouldn't order it again though. Waffle cone with 1 scoop is enough for me. The waffle cone and the waffle bowl tastes the same and has a chocolate dip. I never tried any of the cookies as I feel like the sweets os overloaded.
La Michoacana - Vallejo, CA. I love their cookies and cream! My husband quite enjoyed his mango with the toppings. This is another hidden gem of this city.
Ghiradelli Square - San Francisco, CA. It is dessert so sweet is expected but I don't remember any good taste about it except that it is sweet. I'm glad we tried but wouldn't recommend it if you're short on cash.
$4.75 - 1 scoop cone
$1.50 - Waffle cone
$5.50 - Medium Mocha
$12.26 - Total (with taxes)

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