Camping Essentials & 5 Day Itinerary for Seattle

It is my first time camping so we had to buy stuff to survive. All from Walmart (not all links were the exact equipment we got, price is before taxes from our receipts):
  1. Venture Camping Pad $17.38 - we bought two since we can't be too clingy and share in one.
  2. Coleman Citronella Candle $5.86 - I hate mosquitos and flies and unfortunately, they love me.
  3. Ozark trail 10 cup $12.86 - coffee is necessary and we are scared of how cold it will be.
  4. Repel Fogger $5.32 - read number 2. What's in my blood? I don't know.
  5. Ozark Trail 2 person table setting $9.76 - because again, we cannot share everything.
  6. Duraflame Stix $2.97 - we need fire for warmth, food, and coffee.
Our tent was provided by the husband for my 25th birthday. Forgive if the things above are expensive, (or cheap for the experts out there). We will learn as we go along.
After our half marathon in the Golden Gate Bridge, my husband and I had to fly to Seattle for his work. We stayed for 5 days in Tukwila. Before this amazing day, I had to research and see what to see and eat prior this trip. I made two documents - Race Day (where we do the half marathon then fly to Seattle) and Seattle (5 day plans).
Rain was forecasted so necessary cold apparel are in the list to bring. The whole trip, not once it rained. I also made 5km route for us to do to recover after the half marathon. Then I found it for a first timer like me, at least 1 week of no run is vital for recovery. More than half of these plans were not done because of time restrictions, day light saving time kicking in so it got dark fast, and the fact the most stores in Seattle closes at 1500. I did not fret though. I did enjoy plan this whole thing but it's always better to appreciate the journey spontaneously.
I put this post in Planning and not in Budgeting because even though all has money in it, I didn't really explain why I prepare that much for the 5 day trip we didn't have any budget for camping equipment. Some might say I put too much on food or activities and disagree on how we enjoy our trip and that is completely fine. You can take what you can or ignore this, I just love doing it :)

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