Castello Di Amorosa - 1st time Wine tasting

We went to Castello Di Amorosa on my husband's birthday and good thing it was on a weekday (Thursday). Not a lot of people in the morning and they open @ 0930. If you want to go here just to take some pictures you can definitely do so without paying any fee. Free parking as well.
As a gift to my man, I paid for our wine and cheese pairing for two - the other is with meat so we can try it with both. We chose our own drinks and it's smart to pick one that is not the same as your partner so you can taste more!
A week or more after this day, I bought ourselves wine glasses because drinking wine in a mug doesn't feel right :)

There is a wine making video to watch, old equipment used on how to make wines and such with descriptions, a quiet yet nice size chapel, and lots of angles to take pictures on.
Only thing I can complain about is when we arrived at the lounge, the worker was surprised that we were already there @ 1000 which is okay I guess but isn't it better for you to arrive before the very first tasting even if it's not on your calendar? We didn't remember his name and he didn't ask us if we were celebrating anything special which we were.

This was our first wine tasting ever and we must say that it started our love for wines. Now we understand people who drink when having dinner or just drink after a long day or just because you want to drink. Of course, always in moderation. The cheese and meat pairing were a bit helpful but really, snacking with alcohol is your choice on whatever it may be.
  1. Wine and cheese pairing for two $137.75
  2. 2 bottles of wine (2018 Simpatica $29 & 2015 Merlot $42) $76.50 including taxes.
  3. Souvenirs $53.05
Total: $267.30

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