Journey to Half Marathon @ Golden Gate Bridge

I finished it!!! I'm so happy I did it with my husband. It's his third. All the catcalling while training, the miserable perseverance while doing it, and of course the amazing feeling after running. I got my own shirt now that I finished the race myself (and not from my husband). My Garmin died though after 7.80 miles (that's the last number I saw) because before it started the watch was already half bar.
Let's talk about the event. My confusions:
  1. They mentioned a tote bag on the website. None of them knows about it. At least four people we asked had no idea and I even showed the website itself.
  2. They give the wrist band for the beer that was supposed to be 'after the race' on the day before it. I suggest next time just give the wristbands and let the participants wear it themselves on the race day. I was thinking, are they expecting the participants to not shower whatsoever on the day before or even in the morning? It just doesn't make sense to me.
  3. The website also said the photos will be posted 24-48 hours after the race. It wasn't.
Easy to pick up the bib. Easy to pick up the t-shirt. Two different tents but it's side by side. Just needed to show the QR Code and not even a minute you're done picking it all up. There are a lot of volunteers in the beginning of the route. But as you move along, there are miles where no people can cheer you on. Hey, they're volunteers so I thank you all. Little suggestion from a newbie like me, spread them out wisely. Especially on the miles where a lot of the participants are completely exhausted already.
There are two long uphill that my husband even stopped (I didn't but I was really slow). I remember the first one was in between 3miles to 5K (before and after that too). It's a mixture of pavement, sand, and gravel all throughout.
Bottom line is, I'm so happy I joined this because of my husband but I'm disappointed on the false promises.
September 8, 2019 - my first 10 km for this training. In the afternoon, we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy some equipment. The socks I got below is not worth it. Lesson learned to pay a little more for trustworthy brands. DSG socks - almost always move on its own (going down) when I'm training outside.

October 3, 2019 VS October 13, 2019:
Wrote October 24, 2019
[Watching some tips on YouTube prior to race day, I wanted to try to have three goals:
  1. Ultimate - 2:20 finish time (10:40/mi = 2:19:50)
  2. Realistic - 2:30 finish time (11:25/mi = 2:29:40)
  3. Main - finish the race within the 3 hour limit.
Originally, I was just planning on finishing the whole thing without thinking about the time. But as the trainings went by, I started to challenge myself little by little and see improvements on some days hence the additional curiosity of having an end result that would surprise myself.]
October 27, 2019 - I finished my first ever 10 MILES ! Yes, that is a big deal for me. Everything is when you are training for your first one ever. Never act like what you're doing is simple and easy because for me, it never is! All the days of training is a difficult one yet a learning progress.
After 12 miles, I started walking right after Octavio Street and Van Ness. My legs were crying. I even tried to get back asap but just couldn't. Hey, I did it straight for more than 12 miles and that is such an achievement for me. Looking back, I'm so proud that I lasted that long let alone finished this whole thing within the time limit. I may be slow looking at my records but honestly, I couldn't careless about it as long as I know I did what I can.

Recovery tips:
  1. I couldn't even walk correctly when I cross the finished line and once I did, HYDRATE.
  2. Uber when you can after the event. We walk to it in the morning but after it, I can't walk anymore with San Francisco's uphill everywhere.
  3. I learned this myself but when you can't walk straight - tip toe! I managed to walk to the location where Uber is allowed by doing this.
  4. Put your legs in the upward position. Lay down in a bed or floor and put it up a wall. Believe me, 10 minutes of this makes a huge difference.
  5. Wear anything that can compress your legs. I borrowed my husband's compression (the one he used on the race, it doesn't smell and honestly I didn't care) and also put on tights then out it up again in an upward position.
  6. I just read to eat within 90 minutes after the race. We didn't hence I got a bad headache. Drank medicine after eating food and felt better later on.
  7. Nap when you can! My husband drove from the even to our place and before we head home, we got food to go. My eyes were close for most of the drive home - not necessarily sleeping but just trying to not throw up (because of hungriness and exhaustion). When we stopped and he got the food, I napped so deep on those 5-10 minutes in the vehicle waiting for him. I didn't even care about the sunlight that was kind of burning my skin.
  8. Don't go on a flight right after the race. This is optional and doable but my husband and I don't recommend it one bit.
Good luck! :)

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