Bill Speidel's Underground Tour, Pioneer Square, Extended Stay of America Tukwila

Tour was $22.00 and I went on the 1600. Xan 'tour guide' was amazing! She made the experience unforgettable. It's nice for a tourist like me to go on tours like this one as it really gives you a summary of what happened to Seattle. I was glad they weren't strict with time because I arrived few minutes after 4pm. The tour included father and son, couples, friends, and of course a solo traveler like myself.
We went to three underground. Before we go in, Xan will always check it first and then we follow. Bringing your own lights won't be necessary as it's pretty lit down there. Listen to Xan as if you don't listen to whoever the tour guide is, you will just see tunnels that is now currently not used.
I love that they change some terminology of the story to be kid friendly :) It really is fun to listen to and I'm not that into history unlike my husband.
Visuals are real nice as you can understand what was the plan before hand and why it didn't succeed. One part of the tour was the stones that can be seen on the ground floor and when under it, no one can hear you no matter how loud you scream. These lavender stones were the only source of light back then. This tour is truly a must!

Pioneers Square - I had a nice stroll in a cold afternoon. Everyone is dressed casual and comfy. Lots of buildings to look at but I'm surprised a lot of restaurants closes early. A friend of mine said that is usual in Seattle. It'd be nice to have tried those closed ones and when I say early, I meant 3pm.

Extended Stay of America in Tukwila - I love the kitchen with complete equipment. Other than that, service was not outstanding. When we checked in the lady keep yawning, she apologized I think but didn't even try to stop, just keeps doing it. It's okay to yawn I get it, everyone's tired and so are we (finishing a half marathon prior flying to this place). One day we needed towels and there's only one on duty in the morning so I had to wait for her for a little while. They serve muffins, protein bars, coffees, teas for breakfast at the lobby where you check in. Most unpleasant thing I found at this place - the telephone you use when there's no one at the check in. Please, for the life of everyone (literally), CLEAN THAT PHONE. I'm usually nice and try bad words but this telephone box is disgusting.

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